Fancy winning a tour of the Swizzles sweet factory? Create a sweet treat

You’ve all seen Charlie and the Chocolate factory I’m sure and maybe you’ve dreamed of taking your very own tour of a sweet factory – I know I have, but know it would be hard to keep my hands to myself, I’m no Charlie and I do like a sweet or 3 especially Swizzles Refreshers and Drumsticks -you can keep the Parma Violets though!

Swizzles have been creating sweet treats which we all love and enjoy for 90 years now – established in 1928 the favourites we all love keep coming and they still manage to surprise us and come up with fantastic new creations all the time.

This time they are asking you to turn your hand to the inventing and they would love to see what fantastic new sweet you could come up with – would it be a Parma Violet flavoured drumstick lolly? or perhaps a sweet and sour candy cane.

The possibilities are endless

To enter you have to be over 16 years of age. Just submit your entry here and four creations will be shortlisted by the Swizzles judges and they will then be put to public voting.

The winning sweet creator will win a VIP tour of the Swizzles factory in Derbyshire where they will see their invention come to life……you’ll probably be able to take some home too!

I asked Emmy and Harry what sweet they would create if they could and here’s what they came up with:

Emmy: A Lolly which is filled with sherbet in the middle

Harry: Sucky ones which taste like salt and vinegar crisps- well he is 5 so I was clearly pushing my luck a little.

Somehow I don’t think we will be touring a sweet factory any time soon but I bet you can come up with a few better ideas!

**Posted in collaboration with Swizzles**


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