Fashion trends throughout the ages

I’m not sure if I have mentioned before but while I was in the 6th form one of the subjects I studied was A Level Textiles, I was unsure what it was I actually wanted to do when I left school so kept my options open studying this along with Social Studies and GNVQ Health and Social Care.

One of the things I really enjoyed while studying Textiles was visiting the V&A museum and looking at how the fashions have changed throughout the ages. Of course they have also changed lots throughout my lifetime too.

Recently, Chums posted an infographic showing clothes throughout the ages and it got me thinking about my own fashion trends growing up. I grew up dressed in skirts and jumper combos, frilly dresses and socks, rarely wore leggings and didn’t own jeans until I purchased my own in my late teens.


I thought floppy hats looked cool and shell suits were all the rage in my early teens and I had a fair few of those in a rainbow of colours including some horrid floral ones – Thank goodness those have gone for good now (or at least I hope they have)


And let’s not forget Bum-Bags – I am sure I had around 5 all in different colours and teamed them with my floral shell suits.

Tracksuits came into fashion in my younger days to, teamed with polo shirts with the collars out over the jumpers.

Lets face it, fashion has come a long way since those days, thankfully – although I am glad I wasn’t born in the hippy era even though I did have some platform shoes and flared jeans.

I am also glad I didn’t embrace the shoulder pads which reappeared in the 80’s but I didn’t escape the double denim of the 90’s.

Are there any fashion trends you think should make a comeback?

There are a few to choose from?


Tie dye shirts, ponchos and capes, bell-bottoms, mini skirts, maxi dresses and lets not forget hot pants.


Spandex, shell suits, large hooped earrings, turtlenecks, puffer jackets, shoulder pads, tube tops and jelly shoes


Leggings, crop tops, drain pipe jeans, coloured tights, baby doll dresses over bike shorts, embroidered jeans and sequins, slouch socks and loafers


Casual wear, over sized sunglasses, chunky sweaters, Burberry, low rise jeans, long sleeved shirts with bell sleeves, thongs, wedge shoes and skirts worn over trousers.

“Collaborative post”



4 thoughts on “Fashion trends throughout the ages

  1. Lovely kids. Kid fashions are always attractive things to me. You know, when I was a little child, had a lot of dresses and my dad bring dressed every week. It was really a great memory for me. By the way, thanks for your post. Thanks for the tips and tricks. 🙂

  2. wow ! I totally love these! So cute! Beautiful Fashion Trends the ages.Thanks so much for the ideas and tips!

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