Father’s Day gifts from Cornerstone

I often struggle with ideas for Father’s Day, I know it shouldn’t be so hard but with my own Father, my Father-in-Law and of course my Husband to buy for as the children are to young to get to the shops themselves I find myself a little stumped from time to time.

In my line of work I am inundated with press releases from companies offering the latest must have items for all Dad’s out there, its not to say that some Dad’s wouldn’t like these items but they just aren’t ones which would suit our family.

Chocolates would be wasted – Paul rarely eats them nor does his Dad and mine is Diabetic. Underwear seems so impersonal a gift for this occasion and the logo’ed T-Shirts aren’t always for everyone.

When Cornerstone got in touch to talk about their shaving subscription service I knew this was something that would be suited to the men in my life. Cornerstone send shaving supplies: razors, shave gel, post-shave balm, etc. on a super flexible and convenient subscription basis.

I know first hand just how annoying it is to want to shave my legs or armpits only to have a blunt razor and having forgotten to stock up on blades – I admit it happens to me often and its not an aisle I head down in the supermarket so its easy to not remember.

I know that many men these days do have electric razors at home, all the men in my life do because I have given them as gifts but a normal razor is far easier and convenient to pack into a travel bag for a weekend away isn’t it.

Cornerstone very kindly sent me a giftset to give to my Dad this Father’s Day, the gift set contains a razor which you can have any initials engraved on the handle (up to 3 initials), a pack of blades, a blade cover, face scrub, shave gel and post shave gel. This set costs £30 and can be purchased as a one off gift.

The set comes in a presentation box so there is no need to wrap unless you wanted to and the razor, blades and blade cover are packaged in individual boxes within the set so you aren’t likely to cut yourself when opening.

The razor is a nicely weighted one piece metal design which fits nicely into your hand for a comfortable shave.

All of the range is environmentally friendly, alcohol-free, BPA-free, paraben-free and contains no plastic microbeads. Naturally, none of our products are tested on animals.

Cornerstone items can be purchased either in a one-off gift set or as a subscription service. For the subscription service you choose how often you shave – daily, now & then or not often.

This will determine how often you receive your items – every 6 weeks, 12 weeks or 18 weeks. You then choose whether to have just the blades sent or you can add face scrub, shave gel/cream and post shave balm – you can choose none of those, one, two or even all – the choice is yours, and of course you are able to cancel your subscription at any time


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