My favourite Mum Moments

Becoming a mother was the best day of my life, something I had longed for a very long time and having had such a struggle to actually get there it is something I cherish dearly.

I clearly remember my labour which lasted for 36 hours and ended in an emergency C-section, I’d not slept in 2 nights and was exhausted beyond any kind of tiredness I had experienced before however once Emmy was here I sat up all night in the hospital unable to take my eyes off of her, unable to sleep because I was so in love with her I just had to watch her.

There are so many wonderful moments I cherish as a mum and will never forget, such as first steps, first words, their first day in Nursery however as dearly as I cherish these moments they aren’t the ones which mean the most to me.

It’s the unprompted declarations of love, the sneaked cuddles in the middle of the night, the excited look on their faces when we have surprised them with a special day out which give me the warmest feeling.

They curl up on my lap for cuddles and reach for my hand and my heart just melts.

I try to be a fun mum, to play games with them and to dance around, have fun days out and give them a childhood to remember however it’s not always possible but I dearly hope that the fun moments are those they always remember, it’s those moments I remember from my own childhood – having a drawing afternoon with my mum, helping her to cook in the kitchen and trips on the bus to go into town.  These memories will always be dear to me and over look the times I was made to do my homework or grounded for not being home on time.

What are your favourite mum moments?

Of course, Mother’s Day isn’t always about presents but if you are still looking for gift ideas here are a few from TruPrint which may help.

I am personally a huge fan of personalised gifts and homemade gifts – this a very quick and simple card idea which we made a few years ago using Hama Beads.

Hand picked flowers, a cup of tea in bed, a bath run for me or a beautifully drawn picture are some of my favourite gifts I have received in previous years.  For me its not about the expensive items but spending quality time with the children not having to worry about cleaning for a day or cooking, just having fun and enjoying ourselves.

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