Feeling nostalgic – stop the clock

The end of a school year always leaves me feeling rather nostalgic and emotional, it really does only seem like yesterday when we were scheduling in hospital appointments for consultants, booking in early scans and I was popping baby Asprin daily in the hopes that the baby I was carrying this time around would stick, would stay where it was so desperately wanted and that we wouldn’t have to go through the heartbreak of yet another miscarriage.

By a much wanted miracle my pregnancy with Emmy was successful, pregnancy number 4 and then pregnancy number 7 successful with Harry. My two beautiful and much wanted babies finally fulfilling my dream of becoming a Mummy – they completed my world and are my everything.

I have always worked with children, studying for my DNN – Diploma in Nursery Nursing at the age of 18 and qualifying aged 20. While in college I worked as a mothers help for a lovely family of 2 girls, and the mother was pregnant with a little boy – when I finished college I carried on working for this family at the end of my working day in a day nursery I would head over to help bathe the children and put them to bed.

I worked for a year in the day nursery before moving onto being a Nanny, I worked part-time for this same family as a nanny and then for their friend part time too looking after a little boy – when they no longer needed me I went full time with the family I started out with and loved every minute of it.

It was such a rewarding job, I got to see those children grow and to blossom from young children to young adults.

Nannying is however a job which has an expiry date, once the children were in full time school they didn’t need me as much and therefore it was time for me to move on as although I loved those children dearly and would do anything for them I needed a full time wage.

After this job I began looking after a 5 month old little girl full time, a family I loved working for and I would love my working days, 2 years later a brother was added to the family and I was over the moon to have such a wonderful family to care for.

Leaving 6 years after starting was so hard and I cried loads, by this time I was a mummy myself and it was becoming too hard to work full time leaving my house at 6.30am and returning at 8pm with Emmy in tow.

I miss my Nanny days so much and as my own children near the end of another school year I find myself thinking about my past charges. I loosely keep in touch with those families, they are a message away but we all move on and it was difficult for me to leave each of my long term jobs so I had to distance myself so to speak, not because I didn’t care but because I cared too much and after each visit I would be in tears as I missed them so much.

The older children I looked after at the start of my Nanny days are now teenagers, 2 nearing the end of their university days and some now about to start secondary school with the youngest boy in juniors with just 2 years left until he moves up to secondary school.

It’s amazing to see them all grow into wonderful, loving and caring young adults and I feel so privileged to have been part of their lives so early on.

Just where the time has gone I don’t know though as now my youngest is all set to start reception class in September and my eldest heading over to juniors for her next adventure.

Someone please slow down time!


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