The final step – progress in combatting bedwetting with DryNites

DrtNites combatting bedwetting

As you know, we’ve been working with DryNites for the past few months to help build up Harry’s confidence (and ours) in combatting bedwetting and moving onto the next stage in helping Harry to become dry throughout the night.

What I hadn’t realised before embarking on this was just how common bedwetting actually is – with 1 in 4 children aged 4 wetting the bed, it is a perfectly normal part of growing up and effects around 900,000 children in the UK.

Harry has taken really well to his Spider-Man DryNites pyjama pants – even if we did have to go for around a week of putting one onto his bedtime bear as well as him.

You can recap on the beginning of our journey when we started this ambassadors role here and of course watch my first ever Vlog here (I am so pleased to say that Vlogging is now no longer something which make me tremble with fear – along I’m still not 100% confident in front of the camera I’m far better than I was in that one).

I picked up lots of tips while attending a sleep retreat in a spa and Vlogged these and it is these tips which have given myself and Harry the confidence to progress with this journey.

You can see in my final Vlog just how he is now doing and I share my top tips for helping others too:

For further tips and advice please do look at the ConfidentNites® Guide for helpful advice on bedwetting from DryNites®

DryNites combatting bedwetting

Disclaimer: We are working alongside DryNites as Ambassadors


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