Final thoughts on our Water Babies swimming lessons

Today was a sad day for me – for the past few weeks we have been loving taking Harry to his Water Babies swimming lesson.

He has adored every lesson and has only cried once!

They have been a huge hit.

Our first term has come to an end and we will continue to take Harry swimming however we are moving to our local pool for ease and due to costs.

What have I enjoyed about Water Babies?

  • I love the confidence it has given me and Harry in the water
  • I love that Harry smiles when he sees where we are going
  • I love that he instantly sways side-to-side when I sing “Splish Splash” to him
  • I love that last week I got to do my first underwater swim with him and see him enjoying swimming underwater
  • I love how he tries to hold  hand with his friends in the water
  • I love the repetitiveness of the classes and the speed in which you learn new things with them each lesson
  • I love watching him kick his legs instantly when he is in the water

What have I brought away from our lessons?

  • I will remember that Harry isn’t scared to go underwater and I should do this often when I take him
  • That he won’t sink when I let him go underwater and I’m very close to grab him if he isn’t keen however most times he will kick his way up to the surface again
  •  To sing to him in the water
  • To try new things
  • To introduce a new technique or activity each week as well as going back over the old ones

Is there a reason I won’t be continuing?

  • Nothing other than the fact that the lessons are a little far away from us – only a 30 minute drive however when we have been plagued with car troubles it has been difficult to attend
  • We have a local pool in the next road to us so it makes more sense to use that pool
  • Costs – currently I am not working so it is not an option to continue, however when that changes I hope to move Harry to Water Babies Essex classes who have a class in Waltham Abbey

Would I recommend Water Babies to others?

  • Definitely and we have done

We would like to thank Penny and Water Babies Herts for our amazing first term – we have learnt so much from our lessons.

Disclaimer: Our term of lessons was provided FOC in return for our thoughts which I can unbiasedly say WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE.

If you would like to find out more about these swimming lessons then please visit

3 thoughts on “Final thoughts on our Water Babies swimming lessons

  1. I did Waterbabies with my eldest, I had her signed up before she was born! She got the wobbles though and cried for the last 15 lessons which meant I spent a lot of money and got nowhere in the end. 🙁 I was gutted as I really wanted to build her confidence and develop her swimming but sadly I had to stop bringing her (like you due to finances). I do think the classes give babies amazing confidence and teach very valuable skills. I would love to take baby girl but my husband works shifts so it will be impossible to take her when I have my other daughter to look after too, which is a shame but I hope I can use some of what I learnt to develop baby girl's confidence. x

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