Fire Power: Super Soaking Fire Hose Backpack Water Gun Review

Summer is here in case you’ve missed it – although that said don’t blink as this may be it as it is England after all and you can guarantee that now the kids have broken up there will be rain.
Thankfully the kids were sent a really cool Fire Power water gun with a difference in time for the sunny Summer days.  This is a backpack water gun made to look like a fireman’s hose hence the name Fire Power. 
This is a pump action water gun with two spray settings – single stream and spray action.  To change the water stream you need to twist the top of the barrel in the direction of the arrow fully and then turn back to change again.
When this item arrived the hose needed attaching to the bottom of the backpack – this is a little tricky to do and requires a little wriggling into place, the other end then is attached to the pump.
The yellow cap at the top of this water gun is where you fill it with water, unscrew the cap and fill then of course replace the cap.
You then need to adjust the straps of the backpack to fit your child and then make sure they are outside as you will get wet!
Fire Hose super soaking backpack water gun
Harry got the hang of this straight away, a little too quickly for my liking if I am honest as I didn’t get chance to move out of the way and was soaked.  He was able to pump the spray and aim where he wanted too.
He did struggle to change the setting of the spray himself so kept it on the same one until the barrels were empty and I changed for him.  This water gun has a range of 30 feet.
We have found that the straps keep falling off of Harry’s shoulders as the weight of the water tugs on the straps and they come loose, we eventually combatted this by knotting the straps so they fit and don’t come loose again.
Great fun has been had by all with this toy but I do think I will need to purchase a second to even up the odds a little and to stop the fighting.
Harry now runs around the garden pretending to be a fireman putting out fires with his fire hose which is just the cutest thing ever.  The tank of this water gun empties in around 5 minutes and is very quick to refill again from the tap or garden hose.
Available from Amazon and other good retails (RRP £12.99) however currently on offer from Amazon for £9.70
Disclaimer:  We received this item in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own

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