Fireman Sam becomes a movie star

At some point in our lives, we may have all dreamed of becoming a movie star and it seems that Fireman Sam shares this dream too! When Hollywood comes to Pontypandy in the brand new feature Fireman Sam: Set For Action! Sam sees himself unexpectedly becoming the star of the show.

Fireman Sam is something both of my children love and it is actually something I don’t mind watching with them too – some of the children’s shows adults find rather annoying and we tune out but Fireman Sam is full of action and adventure so we call all happily watch together, which is what we did this week when we go to have a sneak peek at the brand new movie which will be shown on Cartoonito (Sky 169, Virgin 706, BT 488) on Monday 22nd October 2018 at 8am.

Harry glued to the movie cuddling his Fireman Sam toy

Fireman Sam: Set For Action! begins with a James Bond style opening sequence which helped to grip my children from the off as they then knew it would be a movie filled with adventure – who doesn’t love a good action movie! There may not be Bond style gadgets in this feature-length special however there are lots of special effects which inevitably go wrong with a little help from a jealous co-star.

Beginning with an oil tanker racing out of control, Fireman Sam jumps into action and saves the day in a daring and dramatic rescue – of course, in reality he is just doing his job as a trained firefighter but when the whole rescue is caught on camera by local children Mandy and Sarah, Hollywood movie producers come calling when Sam quickly becomes a viral internet sensation.


Of course, in typical Fireman Sam fashion, he just wants to get on with his job and get back to normality but Chief Fire Officer Boyce has very different ideas and encourages Sam to take on the starring role in a new Hollywood movie so that they can help put the Pontypandy Fire Service on the map.

With special effects and the best camera shots being the most important thing on the director’s mind it isn’t long before things get wildly out of control, Sam sees himself being blamed for dangerous mistakes which costs him his much-loved job when everyone believes he is at fault.

Of course, with a jealous co-star so desperate to become the next big thing to hit our screens he will stop at nothing to become the star of the show, even if it means putting lives at risk when numerous fires break out on set.

Thankfully, not everyone believes Sam is at fault and a plan is put into action to prove his innocence.

You’ll be pleased to know that Fireman Sam does, of course, save the day but not as a movie star hero instead as the fireman we all know and love.

Will fame goes to his head? Will PontyPandy recover from the glitz and glam of a Hollywood movie? You’ll just have to watch for yourself to see.

We all really enjoyed this new feature-length movie which is a perfect length for holding little one’s attention, at just over an hour long this is a lovely family movie which everyone will enjoy.

Fireman Sam: Set For Action! will air on Cartoonito on 22nd October 2018 at 8am

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post, we watched this movie ahead of airing and asked to share our thoughts with you all. As always all opinions are own and unbiased.

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