Fireman Sam: Heroes of the Storm DVD

A little while ago we were invited to a very exciting screening of the brand new Fireman Sam movie at Hamleys,  sadly Harry was poorly and we couldn’t attend.
Luckily for him we were sent a wonderful get well present of the new movie Heroes of the Storm on DVD along with an awesome talking Fireman Sam helmet.
This cheered Harry up no end, what little boy doesn’t love pretending to be a Fireman?
The helmet is like a normal dressing up helmet which fastens under the chin only on the top is a button which can be pressed to play the show theme tune and character phrases.  It comes with batteries already included which of course is always a bonus and the phases are clear and easy to understand.
Harry happily repeats them over and over to us and runs around pretending to put out fires.
The film sees Fireman Sam and his team rescuing the occupants of PontyPandy when a fierce storm hits and floods the town. 
With children stuck in the mine after a rockslide blocks the exit they need to find another route out along with Penny and Sam, while the locals all need an extra hand to get safely to the new fire station with Elvis taking charge.
The movie is around an hour long and captured Harry’s attention from the off – with shouts of ‘Oh No’ and ‘Fireman Sam to the rescue’ he and Emmy have been glued to this and will happily sit still to see how this pans out.
A lovely movie for all Fireman Sam fans, and I have to admit to not wanting to turn this off until everyone was safe and sound! Widgets

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