Fireman Sam ‘Ocean’s Rescue’ DVD

A new found love in this house is Fireman Sam, Emmy wasn’t really keen on this however Harry is rather taken.
He was introduced to it last year when we went to an open day at the Fire Station and the kids both chose Firemen’s Helmets to buy on the way out.  They didn’t last too long being a flimsy plastic and they forgot about them, however for Harry’s Birthday this year he received a Fireman Sam dressing up kit complete with Helmet, belt, Walkie talkie and axe – he loves it, his favourite saying is “To rescue, I coming” (Don’t forget he is only 2!).
At a similar time he was set a wonderful new DVD called Fireman Sam Ocean’s Rescue which is a newly released DVD, along with a few Fireman Sam accessories such as a magazine, colouring book, paper hat and 2 mini figures.
Rather excitedly he ripped open the DVD himself and popped it on, well he put it into the player and handed me the control, but he did try!
This DVD features six episodes of Pontypandy’s favourite Fireman – Fireman Sam:
  • All at Sea
  • Whale Watch
  • The Pontypandy Cup
  • The Turtle Hunt
  • The Treasure Trap
  • Stage Fright

As you can probably gather from the DVD title, all these episodes see Sam and the gang at sea, all featuring water adventures and rescue operations.

The episodes are a perfect length to hold the attention of Harry with the entire DVD only being 65 minutes long.
During these episodes you can join Fireman Sam for the grand opening of Pontypandy’s Ocean Rescue Centre! Meet the new coastguard Ben who will be working alongside the Rescue Team to keep everyone safe with heroics on the high seas.
You can also see Mike take on the choppy waters alone (we all know this will go wrong don’t we?) as he attempts to set up some fireworks, but in cartoon fashion they accidentally all go off at once! Of course it’s up to Fireman Sam and the gang to do what they do best and save the day, and of course they do! 
Available on DVD in all good stores and online with a retail price of  £12.99 – this is a DVD you can watch over and over again, we love it because of the short episodes – I’m able to say “Just one more then it’s bedtime” and the kids both know that at the end it’s stories and bed.  For further information please visit
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