Bought your first family home? 5 initial things to do

Have you just bought your first family home? Firstly, congratulations! It’s a big step, and it’s something you should be very proud of. But it can be a little overwhelming. There’s so much to do, and if you have a full time job, there’s not a lot of time to get it done. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss 5 initial things you can do to make your house seem more like a home!

Cleaning up the garden


Unless you’re buying a newly built home, you might find that the garden is a bit of a mess, especially if you’re purchasing a home from an elderly person who wasn’t able to maintain it. Your garden is the first thing people will see, and so it’s important to make the best first impression possible. So you’ve got to get your hands dirty and clean it up!

You don’t have to be a seasoned gardener to do this. Often, all you need to do is cut the grass, clear any weeds, and trim any overzealous hedges or bushes. By clearing and tidying your garden, it shows that you’re a tidy family who are interested in maintaining their home. Once you’ve tidied your garden, you can start to consider how you want it to look, and which plants you want to use. Websites like the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) have great resources that explain the simple steps you can take to make a garden that will pop!

Fixing the roof


If you’re buyer an old home, or maybe a fixer upper, there may be some damage to the roof. This isn’t the end of the world, and doesn’t need to be terribly expensive as long as you catch the damage early on before it spreads. There are also other advantages in fixing the roof. For example, a damaged roof will leak heat, potentially driving up the cost of your energy bill. It may also make it more difficult to sell the house if further damage is found due to a poorly repaired roof.

Unlike gardening, it’s probably best that you hire professionals to carry out this type of work. They’ll have all the correct equipment and tools, and will have a wealth of experience in working on a whole array of repairs. What’re more, you won’t have to supply anything, as builders will buy roofing supplies from trusted providers, and include this in the overall cost of the job, taking the stress out of your hands.

Replacing carpets and wallpaper


New homes will usually have very understated carpets and painted walls. But, if you’ve bought an old home, you will often adopt the style of the old owner. And sometimes, this can be pretty whacky. Bright colours are often very garish, especially if mixed with other colours used in elaborate wallpaper. It’s difficult to feel comfortable and at home with someone else’s choices, so it’s important to make changes as soon as you can.

In terms of carpet, you should always go for understated colours, for example beige. Using subtle colours means that they’ll match with any other furniture you put in the room, and more importantly, it’ll match the colour of the wallpaper or paint you use. Same goes for wallpaper or painted walls when it comes to colours. Bright reds, greens and blues are okay in a kids room but can be quite off-putting in the living room, so try to use calming, pastel colours.

Replacing windows and window sills


For the most part, windows in old and new housing is usually up to code. But sometimes, a few houses slip through the cracks, so you may need to replace your windows and window sills. Even if they were installed in the last ten years, they may still be replacing if they were installed poorly, as water damage could have occurred. Ensuring you get double glazed windows will not only cut out noise (if you’re by a busy street), but it also keep in the heat during those cold winter nights.

Add personal touches


Once all the sweaty, hands on work is done, you can start to make the house look more homely. This can be as simple as putting up a few family pictures, to covering your home in pictures and knick knacks and personal mementos. Putting in these little (or large) touches can really make your newly acquired house feel like your newly acquired home.

So with these 5 jobs done, your fixer upper will look brand new and will be ready for you and your family to make wonderful memories in.

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