First look at the Quinny Yezz

The Yezz arrived at our house on 22nd December in a rather small sized box which instantly drew attention from both Emmy and Daddy, Daddy was surprised at how light the box was.

Inside the box was the frame and seat unit separately (Daddy got hold of the fabric before I could picture it to show you how small it all looked). The frame opened out very quickly by just unclicking the clasp and pulling the handle.

Emmy then quickly worked out what it was and decided that baby had to go for a ride.  daddy then took over deciding that this was indeed a man’s job and attached the seat unit – which actually looks like a hammock.  It just clipped onto the frame in 4 places and then clicked onto the handle in 2 places, very simple and took less than 5 minutes.

There are 3 shoulder strap positions and we are currently using ours on the middle setting.  Unfortunately you can not adjust the crotch strap so it is a little difficult to do up when Emmy is wearing bulky clothing – I actually have to loosen the shoulder straps, do her up and then re-tighten which is a pain, it also can not be reclined at all.

Here is Emmy trying out the Yezz for the first time in her PJ’s.

The Yezz folds down very small however at the moment is quite stiff to do so, this may change through use but don’t try to do it barefooted as I have tried a few times as I ended up with a lovely bruise on my foot. 

Once folded it fits easily into the car boot, hallway and has even fitted in the rear footwell of my car when the dog has been in the boot. 

It is light and easy to manoeuvre however Quinny show pictures of this being lifted one handed by a child I wouldn’t say it was that light and Emmy definately can not lift it (thank goodness) I can however it isn’t comfortable to do so. 

I will be thoroughly putting this through its paces and will show you all how it performs.  The Yezz retails at £175 and a raincover is available to buy seperately for it at £25.

There is a foot rest however the seat itself is very shallow which causes Emmy to be pushed forwards too much to comfortably use this – as you can see she looks rather squashed when using it and her feet dangle onto the frame when she isn’t.  In these pictures Emmy is 22 months old 84cm’s tall and 11.5kg.

What Quinny say about the Yezz:

The Quinny Yezz is the first buggy made entirely of IXEF®, a high performance injection molded composite glass fiber. This means it not only has an extremely lightweight frame, but also a strong one. The fabric used for the seat is a rip-stop material, similar to parachute fabric, very light, strong and comfortable. The style and design of the wheels on the Quinny Yezz are based on skate wheels, making the buggy extremely easy to maneuver and smooth to push with their free rolling action.

The Quinny Yezz gives you the freedom to be in complete control of every situation, and when not in use, the comfortable shoulder strap makes light work of carrying it over the shoulder, leaving both of your hands free. Experience the city, your way.

Quinny Yezz:

  • So light and compact that you can easily carry the Quinny Yezz easily over your shoulder with the strap
  • Incredibly easy one-step fold and unfold action
  • Compact size when folded (68,5 x 27 x 23,5 cm) and lightweight (5kg)
  • When folded, the Yezz stands upright alone
  • Very manouvrable using unique skate wheels
  • Includes storage pocket (max. 2 kg) and sun canopy
  • Suitable from 6 months

10 thoughts on “First look at the Quinny Yezz

  1. I just bought the Quinny Yezz – it definitely does what it says on the tin. Its your second buggy, but if you live in London like me and need something lightweight that you can zip in and zip out of then this is the buggy for you.My toddler is 21 months now and loves it compared to her XLR and Oyster which she had before. In terms of storage space, if you need it then you shouldnt buy this buggy. I find that I can fit most of the things i need for her in myhandbag which I can carry. The great thing about this buggy is pushing with one hand…really sold on this one!

    1. Hi,
      I was thinking of buying quinny….my great question is: Is it safe to be going on and off busses with?. I live in London too,and use pushchair every single day plus live on the 2nd floor without lift. I have never had a 3wheel pushchair,so not sure if it is at all comfortable and safe getting on the bus. Please tell me if you had any problems balancing on the front wheel using buses. thank you

  2. I think its a great design if the footrest was lowered and they out a reclined feature like maybe zips so it could recline even a little… no idea why they're selling the raincover separate which is highly annoying, not sure if its just my opinion but if i buy a stroller i expect the raincover to come as standard. Do love how it looks but won't be buying it. knowing Quinny they'll bring out an updated version next year that has a recline or a bumper bar (bought the zap xtra when it first came out now no accessories are available as he 2012 has different colours and bumper bar) well done Quinny but i will be staying loyal to my zapp xtra 🙂

  3. Thanks for all your comments.

    There will be more posts coming up on how the Yezz performs on different terraines.

    It is great around the shops and on flat ground. Very light and easy to push and had an amazing turning circle!

    I would say this is definately more of a car buggy or suited for train/bus journies than an everyday buggy.

    The thing that concerns me is Emmy isn't quite 2 yet and already looks like she is running out of room in this – she is comfy in it and wouldn't go in it if she wasn't (she is stubborn like that) however she isn't comfy is she falls asleep as she flops forward. (pics on Quinny UK FB page and QuinnyCasters FB page)

  4. Is Emmy liking her new Quinny Yezz? How is it comfort wise for her after a few days? The Yezz has ticked all my boxes except for the non reclining position and Emmy looking quite cramped in it..

  5. I have to admit I am not a fan so far. I couldn't see this model benefiting many children, as it's too small for an average size toddler, but doesn't look like it would provide enough support to a much younger child. I believe all pushchairs should have a recline, even if only a slight one. Her feet hang way below the footrest although she is an average height, and I think she looks really cramped. For short trips, I am sure it would be fine, but longer journeys would be a worry. And I feel that for a 'short journeys only' stroller, this is very expensive. Looking forward to reading more x

  6. It doesn't look like this is designed well for older babies. My daughter is only one but is as tall as her two year old friends and loves to have a nap in her pushchair so a pushchair with no recline is a massive no in my books, its a shame as I usually think quinny's look quite good the only thing I like about this one is the small fold. glad to read a honest review on it on it x

  7. I have to say, Emmy looks too big for this, it does not look comfortable at all, thanks for your honest opinions, I have a Quinny Zapp and have always loved it, apart from it not lying back, but they went and corrected that bringing out the Zapp plus. Its a lot of money for a runaround buggy in my opinion and it looks awfully cheap too, but that is just me. I think this is not going to be a big seller, it would probably suit a 10 month old for a quick shopping trip. Very dissapointed with Quinny with this model, but some you win some you lose and this I can't see doing well, but then that is just my opinion!

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