Five Appliances Every Parent Needs

Appliances are simply electrical items that serve some useful
function (or application) around the home. They’re great labour saving devices
and sometimes absolute essentials, especially in a household with
kids. have a number of items which I’ve looked at to feature in my top 5. 

Washing machine

If you have kids, you’ll probably have noticed how skilled
they are at getting their clothes dirty. Somehow, they seem to be able to manage
to pick up dirt and stains in a hermetically sealed room. As labour saving
devices go, the humble washing machine is probably one of the greatest
inventions of the 20th century.


Before the advent of the refrigerator, storing fresh food and
drink was a real problem. Most of us don’t have time to shop for fresh food
every day, so a fridge is essential for keeping the contents of the typical
weekly shop fresh and safe to eat. For family households, storage capacity is a
big consideration and freezers are handy, whether bought as a separate unit or
part of an integrated fridge-freezer.


Cookers are another essential for parents, unless you plan on
feeding your children takeaways every night! Whether gas, electric or dual-fuel,
there’s a wide range of options to choose from. Microwaves can also be handy for
heating up food, defrosting and even cooking some types of food from scratch –
they aren’t just for ready-meals.

Vacuum cleaner

All houses accumulate dust and other debris. It might make
you a little queasy to think of it, but a lot of household ‘dust’ is actually
made up of human skin cells, so simply living in a house creates a lot of dirt
that requires cleaning – for both aesthetic and health reasons.

Vacuum cleaners pick up dust and dirt that would otherwise be
incredibly difficult to get up, especially on carpets. As kids have a tendency
to spend more time lying, kneeling and otherwise coming into contact with the
floor, regular vacuuming is even more important in a family household. You can
even get specific vacuums that remove allergens from the air, which I great for
those that are prone to allergies.

Small appliances

Whilst many of the major essential appliances every family
home needs are large, there are also a host of small appliances that can save a
lot of time and effort, particularly in the kitchen. A good quality food mixer can help make the
preparation of tasty, healthy food and snacks a breeze – a step towards eating
healthily, for both you and the kids.

Kettles and coffee makers might be more for you than the
kids, but let’s face it, all parents need to take some ‘me’ time and what better
way is there to relax than sitting back with a fresh cup of something

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