Five things which make me happy

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Dani over at Blog by Baby in this simple meme to tell you the five things which make me happy:

That should be easy enough, so here goes:

1: My lovely perfect family unit 
By that I mean Paul, Emmy and Barney – I love nothing better than all being together and doing things as a family, be it all being in the garden, out for a dog walk or just snuggled watching TV together.  If they are all happy then so am I.

2: A nice chilled glass of Rose
Needs no more explaination really – what better way to relax than opening a bottle and sipping that first taste – I must learn to stick to one glass though.

3: A nice meal out
Actually I’m really not that fussed it could quite easily be a carvery or a take-away, just as long as I’m not the one cooking and washing up for a change.  I’m easily pleased.

4: Homemade gifts
I love nothing more than seeing the look on people’s faces when I have put time and effort into making something nice for someone – it could be a cake, a card or a painting with Emmy for the Grandparent’s but the thought that goes into it is worth far more than spending lots of money in the shops.

5. Bailey’s Ice-cream
I’ve not really got a sweet tooth – well not anymore however put a pot of this in front of me and I will bite your hand off to get at it – the simple pleasures.

Now I want to see what makes these people happy:

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