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I have never been one for staying true to a make-up brand, I flit between whatever is on offer at the time or available in the supermarkets.  Growing up my Grandad would buy Avon for me and my Mum as it was convenient and on his doorstep – this was very sweet and much appreciated however it was never my colour – Bright pink lipstick and Pink blusher, but he did try very hard and I loved him for it. My Mum was also an Oriflame rep when we were young so I remember going to the parties she ran and having make-up around the house, however I was too young to know what suited me and what to really do with make-up so usually I would play with it and look rather much like a clown.

Then I hit my teens, noticed boys and dated lots so took a lot of interest in make-up – however I still refused to stick to a certain Brand after all they are all similar just different in price?  Wrong but I’m actually only just realising that fact in my 30’s!

I, now given the chance choose the more expensive Brands as they last longer and have better coverage esp the foundations and face-creams therefore they last longer and are better value.

Recently I was sent 2 Must have Mummy items by Anita’s-exotic Scents which is my local rep and Facebook page for the FM Cosmetics group.  FM cosmetics group are a community of reps selling top-rate perfumes, make-up and home items directly to you in the comfort of your own home either via parties with host benefits, individually or via Facebook pages.

The items I received were:

A Silicone make-up base and a Light Concealer – both I do consider to be must have items, especially with a Toddler as sleepless nights and worry/stress create wrinkles and bags under your eyes.

The Silicone Base is priced at £9.99 and comes in a 15ml tube.  Only a little amount is needed, I use a blob about the size of my little finger nail, rub between my fingers and this is enough to cover my whole face, mainly concentrating on my forehead and eye area.  A little does does a long way and I call it my facial poly-filler!! It is perfect for hiding away the cracks which unfortunately are starting to appear.  It is a perfect base to my foundation which now glides over easily and helps to prolong its durability.  My foundation can now be seen at the end of the day as it should be, whereas before it did always start to fade away.  I really love this product and have been using it daily for 2 weeks now and even though it’s a small tube I’ve loads left.  It also prevents shining of the skin and suits all skin types.

This concealer is made for light skin tones, however is also available for dark skin tones too.  I chose the Porcelain Beige colour as my skin is very fair.  I add the concealer under my eyes after applying the Silicone base and before my foundation.  It is priced at £11.99 and comes in a 22g tube with a handy applicator brush.  You turn the bottom of the tube and the concealer is released onto the brush, then sweep onto the area you need it.  I use it under my eyes to hide the late nights and early morning effect otherwise known as ‘bags under your eyes’.  I am now able to start looking like a Yummy Mummy again even at times when I don’t feel it as the bags can be hidden away.

I was so impressed with both of these products that I have actually purchased their foundation, eye liner and mascara – I’m converted but most importantly I’m able to shop from my arm chair or bed and still spend less on make-up than I would normally do by going to the shops.

If you visit their Facebook page you can see a wide range of products available for yourself.  Also keep an eye out as there are frequent offers to be had.  Party bookings are also available.

I recieved the 2 above items for free however this had no effect on this review.  Please see my disclosure policy.

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