Food on the GO!

When I had Emmy I made all food from scratch, prepared everything and froze ready.  Days out were combatted by taking the food I had cooked out of the freeze for the next day and I would warm them when out and about.

Well fast forward 3 years and that has not happened this time around.

Simply because I do not have time.

Harry has gone done the Baby Led Weaning route himself, I tried to be good and batch cook and freeze but when he kept refusing it all I didn’t see the point and gave him whatever Emmy and I were having and he has thrived on this routine of BLW – at 9 months he is 21lbs!

When of course Emmy isn’t around, either at a friends of at school we have a few sachets available for ease and he loves these.

Plum baby recently sent us some of their new flavours to try out and to be honest I took one look at them and thought Yuck – they sound horrid there is no way Harry will like those.

Of course I was wrong and he wolfed them down – often straight from the squeezy pouch.

The flavours included:

  • Sweet Potato, Corn & Apple
  • Parsnip, Pea & Pear
  • Spinach, Sweet Potato & Apple
  • Pear, Blueberry & Purple Carrot

You can see why I was dubious to start with – they do sound disgusting don’t they?

However Harry absolutely loves these!

And priced at 99p a sachet I don’t mind stocking up for trips out when we are caught out or even stuck out past meal times.  These are actually stage one sachets – suitable from 4 months – we were sent them when Harry was 7 months – it’s just taken a while for me to type up this post!

Plum Baby Food, baby weaning, stage 1 weaning, review, pear blueberry & purple carrot

We’ve now moved onto the 10+ month sachets when I buy some for days out and Harry happily eats these cold straight from the packet. 

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