Football Fans’ Guide to Madrid: 5 Must-See Places

Are you and your family football fans? If yes, Madrid has some interesting attractions to offer. The city is home to Real Madrid and Atletico, both are among the top clubs in the world. The love for football is a big thing in Spain as you’ll see from the museums dedicated to the game itself and various teams. Madrid is also a great place to stock up on various football memorabilia as it’s a city catering to fans.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the home of Real Madrid, is one of the grandest stadiums in the history of football and the first stop you should make in the city. Sadly, it doesn’t look it’s best today as the €400 million renovation project has yet to bring a glorious revival to this historic place. Despite this, any football fan is sure to enjoy touring Santiago Bernabeu.

After exploring the stadium and enjoying your lunch, you can explore the city by taking some free walking tours in Madrid. For all that this place is home to some of the best clubs in the world, Madrid only has a few football-themed attractions. So plan your trip in a way that will allow you to enjoy them and explore the rest of the city’s notable sites in between. The many galleries, parks, and museums will ensure your family trip to Madrid is memorable not only because of football.

Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

The other must-visit place during your family trip to Madrid is the home stadium of Atletico. Unlike Bernabeu, this stadium was renovated in 2017 and today it’s a spectacular sight. Wanda Metropolitano replaced the Vicente Calderon stadium for Atletico. As it’s been completely renovated only recently, today it’s a fully modernistic stadium, which you can see yourself during a tour.

Wanda Metropolitano runs 100% on LED and it’s currently the only stadium in the world to boast such an accomplishment to date. This place is as hi-tech as you can get in this business, so try to catch a game here if you get a chance.

Spanish National Team Museum

The capital of Spain is duly proud of its museums, so it’s no wonder that your family trip to Madrid will include a museum even if it’s dedicated to football. The Spanish National Team Museum is an exciting place where you will enjoy learning more about the history of the game you love.

The exhibit will take you as far back as the beginning of the 20th century with a special focus on the 1920 Olympic Games. Even the door to the museum is special and has a fascinating story behind it.

This is one of the museums that kids will love as the exhibits are interesting and the facts you’ll learn will keep your attention on the tour.

‘Football’ Fountains

The so-called ‘football’ fountains actually have different names. They are located in the center of the city and are meeting places for club fans. Real Madrid is celebrated at the fountain of Cibeles on Plaza de Colon. The team also pops up here to celebrate special occasions with the fans.

Nearby, on the Plaza de Canovas del Castillo, you’ll find Neptuno fountain, which is a meeting spot for Atletico fans.
While visiting those with the fans actually in attendance sounds exciting, don’t forget that football fans aren’t the most peaceful bunch, so it might not be a good idea during a family trip to Madrid. However, you can enjoy beautiful monuments to ancient gods during the day.

Football Gear Shops

Madrid has no shortage of football gear shops, so you can turn looking for them into your personal city exploration tour. Some of the best options are located directly at the stadiums, so you won’t have to look far for exclusives and souvenirs.


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