For Goodness Sake there are kids around – when the actions of one spoil events!

Today I attended the 3ft People event in Chelmsford with friends and we had a great day, I will be writing about that at a later date, when I’m less tired and less angry.

Why would I be angry after a children’s event?

There is a very easy answer to that.

One moron has spoilt my day!

One thoughtless person has upset my daughter.

She has gone to bed scared and upset and if I could get my hands on this man then I would not be responsible for my actions right now.

So what happened?

Well to be honest I’ve no idea – no idea what would have been going through his mind to have acted the way he did in front of very small children.

Picture the scene:
It’s 3.15pm, you have all attended a very fun filled day inside a lovely safe enclosed park, your all tired and heading home for the day. 

The event is over and everyone is packing up and heading home.

You all file out of the entrance calmly, buzzing with excitement.

Security on the gate wave you goodbye and all is well.

Then as you head out of the gate, a man marches up and tries to enter the park.

It’s tickets only and closed off to the public, a lady security guard calmly tell this man that this entrance is closed and he has to go around until all is cleared away.

A simple request, all very polite and the end of the matter, right? Wrong, very wrong!

What happened next is what has scared Emmy and quite frankly many many other children today.

This man isn’t happy.

Doesn’t want to take NO for an answer.

Starts shouting at the lady security guard who is only doing her job.

Squares up to her.

Shouts louder.

Well if that wasn’t bad enough alone, he then pushes her repeatedly until she falls backwards to the ground.

Children and their parents are all around.

He then proceeds to hit her!

Yes, a man hitting, punching, pushing and shouting at a lady doing her job at a children’s event – surrounded by parents and children who are all by now shouting at him, getting cross with him, surrounding him but unable to do much as have their very young children with them.

Thankfully there was a Dad on hand who wasn’t taking this, who was able to pull him from the security guard, shouting at him and got him out of the park.

What happened next I could not be sure of.

The horrid bully, the pathetic excuse for a human being headed out of the park and tried to get back on his bike, the Dad followed and kept close to him.

I would have thought the police were called and this man was arrested, we didn’t wait around to find out.

We headed out alone with other children who were crying by now.

Emmy has be retelling this tale to her Daddy when we got home,  asking “why the naughty man hit the lady?”, “why he beat her up?”

All of which I have no answers for, I’ve calmed her but it’s taken 1.5 hours to get her to sleep tonight as she keeps asking about the naughty man.

It’s made me sad and angry.  A brilliant day tainted by the actions of one poor excuse of a man.

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