Free printable father’s day cards – thank goodness as I forgot!

I spent so long this week making our father’s day gifts, personalising and making special that I forgot about cards.  We usually make our own however it was late today that I remembered that I have actually forgotten.

Yes I know I could go out and buy one tomorrow however that’s just not me – I hate to buy cards when I could make them yet tomorrow if a jammed packed day.

It was then I remembered an email I had been sent this week  about a free app for mums which can tell you instantly where all the local baby and child friendly places are located – it categorises them into three categories Eat, Play  and Pamper.   The App is called WOWMUM and caught my attention with the Nappy change panic button because quite frankly I have been there, searching for somewhere to change a dirty nappy.

What has this to do with cards? 
They have launched a dad’s version off the app called WOWDAD which has produced some cute father’s day cards which can be downloaded for free.

So that’s what I did this afternoon with Emmy, she chose a card she could colour in, I printed it off and she made Daddy a father’s day card. 

fathers day printable cards
Once she had coloured it in, I cut it out and stuck onto some card ready for Father’s day.

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