Freebies for superheroes at TGI Fridays 

Eating out is something we love to do as a family at the weekend and usually this falls on a Sunday, not all the time obviously otherwise it would get expensive but after a long and hard week for us all the last thing I really fancy doing is cooking on a Sunday afternoon is cooking yet another big family meal.

One of the kids favourite places currently is TGI Fridays, we certainly don’t complain as we enjoy it just as much.  The children love the whole atmosphere of the place from the loud music which is always playing to the darkened rooms with light hanging down just over the tables.  The love the booths where we can all cosily sit to enjoy some proper family time where I’m not stuck in the kitchen preparing it all and then no longer fancy eating it as it’s taken too long to prepare.

The are kept entertained by the elaborate artworks on the wall, the friendly staff who happily bring them colouring sheets us refillable cokes which we do allow the kids to share as a special treat, and of course they love siting on the Harley in the foyer.

Last weekend we headed to our local TGI Fridays and the kids dressed up as Super Heroes ready for our meal out, this is because TGI Fridays are running a kid friendly promotion where the kids can receive a FREE Sundae on Sundays if they go dressed as their favourite characters or Super Hero.

Dessert is always a winner for kids, well certainly mine and ice cream is always their first choice so they were very excited to dress up ready for dinner.

As a family we’ve learnt that the kids can’t manage 3 courses so we just go for mains and dessert (Paul and I aren’t really dessert people and if dining without the kids would opt for a starter and a main course).

What I love best about eating out at these types of places as a family is that we usually all choose something different and then all pick at everyone’s meals – definitely not something I would do at home (I cook one meal and that’s it – if one person doesn’t like it than tough).

Free Sundaes on Sundays

As well as the children getting a Free Sundae they are also given colouring sheets which once completed you can exchange for a badge – there are 5 to collect so if you are heading out to dinner this weekend don’t forget to get the kids to dress up to claim their dessert.

Our TGI Fridays also had face painting available for free between 2 and 6pm – sadly it was too bust for the kids to get theirs painted on this occasion.

You can find your local TGI Fridays and check out other events/deals by looking at the website:


Disclaimer: We received a voucher to cover the value of our meal


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