Fresh Express Max – Review

It doesn’t happen very often that’s for sure however I’ve found a kitchen gadget which makes me want to cook just to use it!

I have been hunting out recipes which I can try which require chopping, dicing and slicing and I’ve made and tried new foods just so I can play with the Fresh Express Max.

So what is it?
Well it’s a grater, a dicer and a chopper all in one.

It has 5 different cone attachments so you can easily prepare fresh fruits and vegetables with ease and within seconds you can have a large pile of prepared foods ready for cooking or just ready to eat.

OK, I do have lots of other kitchen gadgets which can do all of the above – cheese graters, sharp knives, Nutmeg grater (no idea when I acquired that one) and even a few gadgets which do similar brought from catalogues claiming to save time and effort but which in reality are just a pain to wash up and come in many many parts.

This however does what it says on the box! and it does it effortlessly and quickly too.

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We have made coleslaw, soups, grated cheese, grated nuts and even grated chocolate for our cakes.

It has a large feeding tube so you don’t have to cut the food up too much before you feed into the top (as you can see in the above picture I just cut the onion in half before slicing it for my coleslaw).

I used to buy pre-grated cheese from the supermarket especially when we were making pizza’s as it was quicker then Emmy trying to help grate the cheese, now however I am happy to let her do it.  She can put the cheese into the top herself, place the bowl underneath and press the button and seconds later we have a bowl full of grated cheese – effortlessly! 

It is safe for children to use too as the blades are on the inside so even if Emmy was to place her hand inside the cone as it was slicing it wouldn’t cut her.

It’s also very easy to clean as all the cleanable parts can go into the dishwasher and storage is easy as the 5 cones all stack inside themselves and are stored at the front of the machine and the cord hides away too.

This gadget doesn’t live hidden away in my kitchen cupboards as it is used SO often it has pride of place on the worktop.

It has also come in very useful as Harry is weaning at the moment so preparing his fresh meals couldn’t be easier – and because the veg is now cut so finely it also reduces the cooking time too.

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Disclosure:  I am member of the tefal Innovation Panel and recieved this item free of charge, all thoughts expressed are my own and are unbiased.  I was not asked to review this item however I chose to do so.

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