Fresh flowers to your door with Freddie’s Flowers

Who doesn’t love receiving fresh flowers, whether you buy them for yourself or they are presented to you – they have the ability to brighten up your day and a room almost instantly.

As much as I love flowers though, it isn’t something I generally pick up with my fortnightly shop as I walk to the supermarket and I dread to think of the state they would arrive home in.

Ordering them online is something I do often however, if I can in need of a pick me up or as presents for friends as it’s an easy gift to send – they trouble with this however is the selection is too vast at times and I can easily kill over half an hour just deciding which bouquet to purchase….half an hour I could have spent doing something else.

I like things to be as simple as possible, I like these types of decisions to be taken away from me and a surprise element added in instead which is why I am really liking Freddie’s Flowers.

Freddie’s Flowers is a floral subscription service where you can sign up for regular flower deliveries to be sent directly to you (or someone else), you can choose to skip weeks or just choose when the deliveries suit you.

These are weekly deliveries but by logging in to your flower calendar you can choose the dates you would like the flowers to be delivered, skip a few weeks for holidays or just order a one off box if you prefer.

Payments are only taken from your account on the day of your delivery, there is no delivery cost with boxes costing £22 a time. The flowers are different every week and you can see which you will receive online – as well as showing the weekly flowers which will be sent you are also given a guide on how to arrange these when they arrive.

The flowers arrive in boxes with the flowers laid out flat inside, with the ends wrapped in wet paper. You will also receive 2 sachets of flower food and instructions telling you to cut the end of the stems before placing in water.


Every care is made to ensure the flowers arrive in a great condition, and if you are not in you are able to specify a safe place to leave these flowers.

I was very lucky to receive a couple of boxes of flowers over the past month, my deliveries have all arrived in the afternoon while I’ve been on the school run but the driver has left them safely tucked away for me to find.

The flowers upon afternoon arrival were a little wilted through being inside the box however once I had trimmed the ends and added to a vase with the flower food they all perked up within a few hours.

I really love that you don’t have to pick the flowers yourself and they have carefully been chosen and that you are even given a guide on how to arrange them, as I don’t know about you but I do tend to just chuck them into a vase and hope for the best – sometimes it works, other times I’m sure Emmy could have done a better job.

If you would like to try this service for yourself you can Get 50% off your first two boxes when you sign up this month using the code EMM11. You can sign up to Freddie’s Flowers here. 

Remember you can cancel your subscription on manage your deliveries in your account at any time, and the money isn’t taken in advance like with many other subscription services. It will leave your bank account on the day of your flower delivery.

Disclaimer: I received these flowers in exchange for this post.


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