Fresh Week – Making my pledge with Tefal. Your chance to pledge and win

I’ve already told you that I’m a Tefal Innovation Panelist – if you don’t remember what that means you can catch up here.

I also told you that I would be telling you about Fresh Week, well this is that post!

So, what is Fresh Week you may be wondering? I’ll tell you…

Fresh Week is the brain child of Tefal.  A week dedicated to ditching the ready meals and convenience foods and cooking fresh food for your family.

Now, this can be interpreted as you wish but the idea is to create some lovely home cooked meals for you and your family.  Using fresh ingredients and ditching the chicken nuggets for just a week.

This for us isn’t too hard as I cook all meals from scratch anyway however for this week I will be trying some new foods and recipe ideas in an attempt to spice up our eating habits as we tend to eat the same meals week in, week out!

Tefal invite you to pledge your support and your intention to join in with this challenge by signing up here and in return you have the chance of a Tefal Fresh Express and a veg and fruit from box from Riverford.

We have been sent a Fresh Express Max and I have to say it’s fast becoming my most used kitchen gadget – I will be adding a review of that soon.  To help with our pledge we have also received a fruit and veg box to use and Ive begun planning some new meals – I will add some recipes next week and let you know how we are progressing with our pledge.

Some new meal I am planning to try using the foods from my boxes are:

  • Home-made minestrone soup (Emmy loves soups and it gives me yet another chance to dice with my new toy)
  • Carrot top soup (as I don’t like to waste anything)
  • Aubergine rolls with spinach and ricotta
  • Fennel and lemon risotto
  • Beetroot chocolate cake

All of these are new meals to us and will be new flavours.

I am looking forward to Fresh week and hope you will join me in taking the pledge too – you never know it could be you winning a wonderful prize.

The other panelists also pledging their support are:

Madame Gourmand, Boo Roo and Tigger Too, Mother Geek, Jacintaz3, Recipe Junkie, Red Rose Mummy, Romanian Mum, Seasider in the City, Crazy with Twins, Attachment Mummy and The Mad House .

You can follow their blogs to see their progress as well as getting some new recipe ideas which you can try yourselves.

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