Fun filled day at Lollibops

Our great day started with a very excited Emmy running around the house shouting ‘Choo Choo’ as I had told her we were going on a train ride.  This was to be Emmy’s first train journey, so off we went to Loughton station to head into London for the day.

Emmy helped Daddy pay for the ticket and then headed up the stairs to the platform, all the while she was holding the ticket and wouldn’t let it go – much to Daddy’s annoyance later on when it wouldn’t go through the ticket machine.

We were going to Regent’s Park to ‘Lollibops’ where we had won tickets from Tutu Sweet.  I’m not too sure who was more excited Paul, Emmy or me?  Well I do know the answer to that as Emmy had no idea what was going on!
We met up with some friends at Madam Tussauds  (a little later than planned – sorry girls) and headed in together.  There were lots of people there but luckily Danielle (Blog by Baby) had a Press entry pass and as competition winners we could go straight in past the queues.
It was wonderfully set out with the main stage situated so the children could see everything, lots of different activities all free of charge for the children to do including face painting, zumba, arts and crafts, happy hopperz, football, slides, and lots more that we didn’t get time to visit.
There were market stalls selling some wonderful items, most of which were things you don’t usually see on the high street, there were also some food stalls where Emmy loved spending time as they were handing out samples – Emmy especially loved the Organix creamy chicken pasta, and even went back to helped herself to 2 extra helpings.
Zingzillas on the main stage attracted a great crowd, they were very good and had all the children (and adults) of all ages dancing.
This is Emmy with her friend Lily-Sue having a boogie just off of the main stage.  They were so cute to watch and kept dancing and trying to get close to the stage.  Their friend Mark was dancing with them too although I didn’t manage to catch him on camera.
A huge hit was the Smart trikes area where you could swap your buggy – leaving it in a secure buggy park and borrow a Smart Trike for the day.  Emmy and her friends had a fantastic time playing in this area as there were huge beanbags which they kept throwing themselves down onto.  Another firm favourite was the WOW Toys tent where there were lots of WOW toys out on child sized play tables for the children to play with.  Emmy, her friends and even Daddy spent a lot of time in here and i’m not sure who was more upset to leave this area.Then came the time that Daddy and Emmy were looking forward to most – Ben and Holly (Daddy loves this as much as Emmy infact I have even caught him watching it without Emmy).  Upon seeing Ben and Holly, Emmy got very excited and tried to jump out of Daddy’s arms and climb over the railings.  She kept shouting to get their attention and waving her arms excitedly.  I just love seeing her so excited (and Daddy too!)  We all also loved seeing Peppa and George Pig up close and personal.

We made sure we headed over to Tutu Sweet to say a huge thank you for our tickets and to let them know what a fantastic day we had.  I just have to say that their clothes are even prettier in real life (if that’s possible) and i’ve now got my eye on their beautiful birthday hats and a lovely pettiskirt for Emmy’s birthday.
Thanks for a great day girls, we loved it and hope you did too.  It was lovely to meet you all and hope to speak soon.


4 thoughts on “Fun filled day at Lollibops

  1. Indeed thank you to Jordan, Brooke, Marky, Lily-Sue and Emmy for all being so well behaved and making today so special. It was so lovely to meet you Liz and Dani too.

  2. What a brilliant write-up on our fantastic day! I'm sad it's all over. I've never seen Lily-Sue so full of beans and able to stay so happy on NO sleep! All the kids did so well and enjoyed themselves so much. Thanks to you, Paul, Dani, and of course the real stars of the day – Emmy, Marky, Jordan, Brooke and my little princess Lily-Sue for making the day what it was. Definitely one to remember!!! xxx

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