Fun in the Sun!

Summer’s here, and that means it’s time to take the kids outside to enjoy some all-too-brief British sun.
While it being summer there is no guarantee of a break from the damp and the fog, there are still plenty of seasonally appropriate activities that the family can take part in.
Kites in the Park
matter where you are on the British Isles, you probably live close
enough to an outdoor park or other natural landscape to take the kids
out for a fun day flying kites. As long as the wind is right and the
rain isn’t falling, kite flying is a great way to pass the time and
make sure the kids get plenty of exercise and fresh air. Even if it’s
a little muddy outside, kite flying doesn’t necessarily have to be
taken off the table; kid’s
wellies and kid’s waterproofs will protect children from getting
soaked and chilled
, as well as keep off the mud.

for a Hike
you don’t happen to live near a place with open fields that are good
for flying kites, taking the kids for a hike is another fun option.
Taking the kids for a long walk through interesting areas will get
them outdoors and exercising, as well as get them to engage with
their surroundings. Even if you live in the big city, this option
isn’t out of bounds. Take the family for a “hike” around
the city, passing through interesting neighbourhoods or locations.
to a Festival
are lots of outdoor festivals, fairs, and other outdoor cultural
events during the summer. If there is one nearby, taking the kids can
be a full day of fun. As always happens with outdoor activities, much
is dependent on the weather. Even if it’s not cloudy when you
leave, keep a spare set of kid’s wellies in the car, and you’ll be
prepared for any sudden rainfall. A set of kid’s waterproofs
stashed away for emergencies can be the difference between a day
salvaged, and having to head home early.
a Camping Ground
to really commit to making sure the kids get their full dose of
outdoor fun this summer? If possible, take a few days off from work
and take the family camping. Time away from the job and the city can
be a great stress reliever, and spending time together around the
camping site is a great way for the family to bond. Camping can be a
rough, messy affair, so be sure to pack tarps, kid’s wellies, kid’s
waterproofs, and everything else that’s needed in case the weather
suddenly turns and the night turns rainy and wet.
to the Beach
has plenty of lovely shorelines, and they make great destinations for
family day trips. Even if it’s a few hours’ drive to get to the
nearest beach, the trip is worth the time and effort. A day at the
beach is a day outdoors in a fun, interesting location that the kids
will not easily tire of. Obviously, the shore is wet and often
cloudy, and if you’re driving a long distance to get to the shore,
you don’t want the day ruined by sudden showers. Bring wellies and
waterproofs to make sure the day goes off without a hitch.

the often dour weather, there are plenty of fun summer activities for
kids to do all over Britain. With a sturdy set of kid’s wellies and
kid’s waterproofs, rain, fog, and mud will be no obstacle to your
children being able to have fun and exercise outdoors this summer.

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