Games Night

Before Emmy arrived we would always have a house full of people to enjoy a games night – usually at the weekends, this used to involve card games, Yatzee, wii games and usually lots to drink.  Times have changed and when 2 new games arrived from Tactic via we settled in for a quiet evening of games.

We recieved Draco and Roll for Gold.

First up was Draco: A game aimed at children aged 6+ which is for 2 players and lasts around 15 minutes. 

This is a lovely short easy to play game with no fiddly instructions to follow and short enough to hold younger childrens attention however it can be good fun for adults to join in with too.

You set up the long Dragon in the middle of a table/floor and then each player has a Dragon head and tail which is placed at equal distances away from the original dragon.  The aim is to knock over the centre Dragon using game coins/fire discs which are rolled from an open Dragon’s mouth – the fire breather!  Once you have knocked over a piece you clain it for yourself, the winner is the person with the longest Dragon at the end.

The skill level can be changed for older children/adults by trying to knock over your oppositions Dragon and claiming their pieces for yourself.

Roll for Gold:

This game is for Children aged 7+ also taking around 15 minutes to play and is for 3-6 players.

The aim of this game is to get your hands on Blackbeard’s treasure.  The action dice tells the player in turn which dice to roll – yours or another players.  The aim of the game is to have the highest score when the ghost appears to show you where the ‘loot’ is buried!

I have to say I really wasn’t too keen on this game – the instructions were very confusing, even when I had read them through 3 times it still didn’t make sense to me and i find it hard to see this game holding a child’s attention for very long as there are only dice to roll – I much prefer a game where you move around the board and you can see what is happening/where the finish is.

Maybe if I played this game a few more times it would ‘click’ into place and I may see that it is actually very easy to understand after all, although I doubt I would.

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