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With the Olympic games kicking off in full swing in just a matter of days, I personally can’t wait to see what Rio has planned for the opening ceremony and I am sure it will be rather colourful and spectacular.
What I love about these types of sporting events is that they unite so many for a common cause and whether you are a sports fan or not you will at some point find yourself rooting for your country.  We aren’t really a sporting family here but the children and I have been chatting about watching some of the events and talking about the various events which the athletes will be competing in during these games.
It helps them to understand what is happening as we live only minutes away from the White Water Rafting Centre built for the 2012 games and used for the Canoe Slalom events.  It is a favourite place of ours to visit and wallow away an afternoon, and the children are really looking forward to visiting again this summer as they have recently built a beach area complete with large sandpit for the children to happily play without having to spend a few hours driving to the seaside.
The kids just love wandering around watching everyone in the water, of course they do love it most when they are practicing capsizing or do it by mistake.  You can sit outside the café and watch everyone beginning their circuit – most are very excited and happy with a few scared and wishing they hadn’t agreed (although they seem to change their minds once it is all over).
To celebrate the launch of the 2016 Olympic games Furniture Village have designed a beautiful bespoke Union Jack Hypnos bed which they are giving away on their Facebook page in this fantastic competition.
To enter all you have to do is take a selfie of yourself at your favourite British landmark and upload to the Facebook page.
What is your favourite British Landmark?
If I asked the children they would say the Sealife Aquarium in London, Paul would probably choose the Houses of Parliament or Buckingham Palace – although it appears I am wrong as when I asked he said The Tower of London, while I am very fond of Trafalgar Square or The Coca-Cola London Eye as you are able to see all of London from the top and of course at night time is holds another wonder in that London is completely lit up and you see it in a way you just can’t from the ground.
We live so close to London that within an hour we are in the centre, this means we visit often and the children have seen lots of the famous sites.  It is somewhere I would like to spend more time with the kids however as it can often become a rush to get home before they are too tired.  We are planning a few days in London at some point soon – staying cheaply in a Travelodge in the city or a Premier Inn.  As Merlin Pass Ambassadors we can visit the Sealife Aquarium, London Eye, Shrek’s Adventure, and Madam Tussards while here (The London Dungeon would be too scary for the kids), it would be nice to take in a Westend show, visit the museums and see a few more sites and not have to worry about the children getting too tired.  By staying a few nights we can pop back to the hotel for the kids to rest and then head out again later after some food and a rest.
It would seem I am really not a selfie person….. although we have visited our favourite British landmarks many times I have no selfies at these attractions, although that is good for you as I can’t enter this competition currently but you can!
Good Luck.
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