We all get by with a little help from a friend

When in need ASK
When unsure ASK
If in doubt ASK
Everyone needs help sometimes
So why when someone actually does ask for help do they not accept the help offered?
This happened very recently.  Someone asked for help, it was offered then rejected and not in a “thanks very much” kind of way, in a “how dare you try to help” kind of way!

I have to ask….why bother?
Why bother asking for help if actually it’s not wanted?

Why bother at all?
It makes others not want to offer help
Let me take you back nearly 2.5 years in time. A new Mum was chosen as a QuinnyCaster and for that role she starts up a blog, this blog.
She knew nothing of blogging, no idea where to start.  Yet I did it. This blog is still going, I’m not saying it’s great or perfect by all means but it’s still here after that time and it’s going from strength to strength, and shall I tell you why and how?
I learnt
I tried
I played around
I asked!!!
I listened
I learnt some more and I’m still learning
There are loads of new blogs popping up on a daily basis, far too many to be honest, some good, some not so good, others following the bandwagon – that’s always going to happen but that’s a whole new post in itself.
As a new blogger though there will be loads of questions you may have
Things your unsure of
Things which are done wrong
How you proceed though is entirely up to you
You can plod along and do your own thing
You can ask questions
You can ask advice
But if you do……it may well be a good idea to actually listen to that advice or it may not be given in future
How you proceed is up to you but it may also determine the future of your blog and it will be interesting to see if some jumping on the bandwagon are still blogging in 2.5 years time.
Do you ask for help when needed?

I know I do as we all get by with a little help from our friends! 

14 thoughts on “We all get by with a little help from a friend

  1. My blog is about 9 months old, and I could not have done it without the help of some lovely friends (you being one of them….) I really do think people should ask for help more, and listen to the advice that is offered!

  2. I rarely ask for help now but if I really need it I do ask. I have had my blog 3 years next week and when I started it I was asking lots of questions or for advise. I have had several people also ask me for help and advise recently and I am happy to give it when asked.

  3. My blog is almost a year old and I love blogging! I dont get much free time but what I do get i try to write and there are things i cant publish but just even writing them and leaving in a draft for myself to look back on makes me feel better. When i first started I knew nothing like you but I asked for help, i took advice and then I found it a bit easier and found my own way. I find asking blogger friends or using tutorials and doing things successfully makes me proud of my little blog! I also think it is rude when people ask for advice and don't take notice of it when you have so many things you could be doing without having your time wasted. Whoever has done it to you is silly I've always appreciated your help and advice xx

    1. Thanks Carly.
      That's really made me smile tonight.

      I've so many posts in draft too. It helps to have somewhere to organise your thoughts sometimes.

      You should be proud of your blog. I am and I love reading about your adorable kiddies.

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