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As you know Emmy is just about to leave the Infants School and heads over to Juniors in September. She has loved school and her latest report shows how well she is doing. She aced her SATS and sits in the top of her class for all subjects. This year she was chosen to receive additional help with maths work and along with a select few others she received extra tuition 3 times a week, this wasn’t because she struggles with it but because it was thought she would enjoy and excel at this and it’s really had a positive effect on her learning as she works best when there is a visual aide.

She has taken this extra tuition very seriously and practices at home showing Harry what’s she’s learnt.

Harry on the other hand shows no interest in learning at home but towards the middle of last year I was called aside in the Nursery playground by the nursery manager who wanted me to know Harry was working above his ability within maths in Nursery and was being flagged as gifted and talented. This of course made me super proud as a Mother but what does gifted and talented mean in a nursery setting? I’m personally not sure at this young age that means much but I do know he is very bright and learns quickly, he knows how numbers up to 50 and can recognise the numbers to 30 and sequence them too. He can make his own repeating patterns, knows his shapes and can add numbers up to the value of 10.

He is 4 and he is now doing reception ages maths work within his nursery. He moves up to reception in September and I’m really happy he’s had this head start. His parents evening was amazing and the staff couldn’t stop telling me how bright he was.

Of course I’d like to encourage this progressed learning for both children over the summer holidays but they need a break from school work which is why I am liking Zap Zap Maths. A kindergarten aged maths game available on both Android and IOS. Watching the kids learn through play is always a good thing in my eyes.

Zap Zap Maths is a good app for younger children from around the age of 4 – the app is Americanised so mentions kindergarten which of course we don’t have here and although it was too young for Emmy it was perfect for Harry.

The games are different in each area and you unlock new levels (games) by completing the previous ones.

Harry struggles a little with number bonds needed to complete the train track – you are given a number and need to use the numbers at the bottom to make that number by adding 2 or more numbers together, once complete the train can cross the tracks.

For each level you have to complete around 5 games which helps to ensure children have understood the maths lesson properly before moving to another game.

Harry enjoyed this addition and subtraction game which is set in a kitchen. You need to read the instructions on the screen adding the correct number of apples, subtracting and then adding up the total left.

We really like that each level was different and you went into a different maths lesson while playing, this means Harry didn’t get bored and was keen to progress quickly to another game. Once another level is unlocked you can move forward or of course you can go back to play a game over again.

With bright and colourful designs and fun characters throughout this app its rather engaging and learning through play is always a winner.

Download on Android or IOS – click the links below.

Disclaimer: We have trialled this app for the purposes of this review, all thought and opinions are our own.


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