Getting back into the garden and planning

Now spring is here finally and the weather is beginning to brighten up it has given me the gardening bug again – it happens at the start of spring most years as I after a winter being out of use I can’t wait for the children to get back outside again and nor can they.
Harry and I have been outside cutting down some of the overgrown bushes already this week and the grass has been cut for the first time this year.  The children like to help with the gardening, they have a little wheelbarrow and they use their craft scissors to cut some of the leaves lower down the trees, they also like to pick up the branches I have cut down and put into the garden waste bin (a bonus for me as it saves me a job!).

One playhouse has been moved as it was too big for this area


When the weather is a little warmer I plan on getting the jet wash out and cleaning the patio and the children’s toys – the playhouses are currently sporting a horrid green algae colour, however once again getting outside has brought on the thoughts of changing things around.
We’ve a patio area outside our back doors with currently homes the children’s toys, a playhouse, little tikes car, sandpit, giant connect 4 and the BBQ.   We’ve a table and chairs there too but rarely does it get used as the weather is only good for a few months so it is neglected, dirty and could really do with being replaced.
What I would love is to have this area used more wisely.  We have talked about adding corrugated plastic sheets across this area, fixing to the kitchen wall on one side and the fence on the other, this would give us a weather proofed area to store the garden toys away without fear of them being left out in the rain, I could also store the children’s bikes here instead of in my hallway.
This was our plan for this summer however upon thinking about it further I’ve realised that this would be under Emmy’s bedroom window and she already a very bad sleeper than I worry the noise of the rain hitting the plastic would keep her awake or wake her up, and with her already waking 2-4 times a night it is a very unwise move.
Of course I couldn’t house the BBQ here nor the children’s bikes so I’d actually need to tidy the shed enough to store them away tidily.  I see no reason why some of the children’s bigger toys couldn’t be rehoused to this area too – their playhouse would still fit and I can see them cooking up a storm in it if I were to relocate their wooden toy kitchen and toy shop out into this area too.
Does the spring make you want to shuffle things around in the house or garden too?
We are also wanting to move around the large garden toys – trampoline and swing set and to do away with the grass in part of the garden and change to bark chippings under the swings, to me this sounds like a big job but Paul assures me it is really easy and shouldn’t take too long – that means I am leaving it up to him (but also means it will be put off until possibly next year).


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