Getting the Garden Summer Ready for Your Family

There’s nothing better than family time in the garden. Playing games with your children, eating homemade ice lollies, splashing around in the paddling pool – when the British summer allows for it – or finally getting to read that book that’s been sat there collecting dust. I always love to have a camera at my fingertips, ready to take a quick snap.

Unfortunately, the Winter can take its toll on your garden so before you can enjoy some treasured family time, you might need to give it a bit of TLC. Here are a few quick steps to get your garden into perfect shape.

Get the Paint

If you have left your garden furniture outside during the colder months, or if your fence and shed are looking a little worse for wear, then it’s time to get the paint out. Spending a few hours with a brush can make a huge difference and really uplift your garden

Plant Some Herbs

If you love to cook on the barbeque or eat outside during the summer months, then you could plant a herb garden. Sprinkle over a salad or add to mocktails, and enjoy the smells that they fill your garden with.

Provide Shade

Children’s skin is sensitive, so in addition to regularly applying sun screen, it’s important to create shaded areas to protect their skin. Buy a parasol for the table, put up a wooden gazebo, or set up a play area underneath a tree.

Extend Your Home

Many people think of their garden as something separate from their house, but it need not be. In fact, a garden can be an extension of your home, so treat it with the same care. Investing in some good quality furniture, bring out cushions, rugs and throws, add candles and solar powered lighting, and use paint and different coloured flowers to create different zones.

Adding a Summer House is something I desperately want to do, somewhere where I could sit and work while spending time with the children – it’s rather difficult to take the laptop outside to watch the kids in the summer due to the glare on the screen, and if I try to work indoors I get the constant “Mummy, come and watch this” or “He hit me”, “She did xyz to me first” and I get little work actually done.

I’ve been looking at GBC Group’s range of modern and traditional summerhouses for sale and now have to just persuade Paul and tidy the garden enough to fit one in.

Learning and Play

Emmy and Harry love spending time outdoors and I think it’s a really great opportunity not only to have fun, but to learn. When updating your garden for summer, make sure to include some outdoor activities for your kids. Together you can create miniature habitats for different insects, make bird feeders, put up a DIY teepee, or create their own mini gardens with fruit plants.

There are loads of easy ways to get your garden ready for summer. Make it a fun activity and get your kids involved, to make the process more enjoyable.

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