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I know my little man isn’t even here yet however it doesn’t hurt to be organised, and after tomorrow he will be here and growing fast every single day.

Baby’s aren’t small for very long and blink and you miss them growing up which is why I’ve been searching through Emmy’s old baby bits and discovered it’s all Pink.  All toys, her Baby Walkers (she had 3 different ones) and essentials are all in Pink, now I know this doesn’t matter however with such a variety of baby walkers available cheaply I thought it would be nice to get our Boy something which isn’t girlie or a hand me down from his big sister, and I do so love window shopping and planning in advance – the internet makes it far too easy!

I love the colours of these

Baby walkers come in various shapes and sizes from ones you sit baby in, to ones that your baby/toddler walks behind and pushes.  There are ones that make noises and sing songs/rhymes as well as wooden ones which you can put toys and bricks into.  All of Emmy’s ones were the noisy type so this time I’m seriously considering a nice traditional and quiet alternitive which will not only be used lots but can be passed down to other family members regardless of the gender of their baby – or maybe if I’m mad enough to have a 3rd be used here again.

For many people looking at Walkers now may seem a tad early, and they would be right however Emmy started toddling around the furniture at 8.5 months and took her first unaided 5 steps on Christmas Day 2010 at the age of 10.5 months, so for me it’s never too early to start looking.

2 thoughts on “Getting organised – Baby Walkers

  1. I really don't like the sit in walkers, for the same reason as I don't like the seats that you put babies in to sit them up before they are ready, as I worry that it puts strain on muscles that aren't developed enough, but I love the push along walkers (and the upturned washin basket that one of my boys loved "walking" with!)

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