Getting ready for a camping adventure – review

I DON’T do camping!  I’ve tried camping in the back garden however I’m claustrophobic and after a few hours I had to come back inside to sleep in my own bed.  I also like my creature comforts far too much and need a loo nearby as well as a sink etc.

Paul however loves the great outdoors and has all his camping gear including stove, tent, steeping bag and much more.  He keeps saying he wants to camp with Emmy and she is rather excited about the prospect.

They are planning an adventure in the garden.  Pitching the tent, toasted marshmallows and moonlit stories (I will of course stay in the warm and leave them to it).  They are waiting for the warmer weather finally to come.

To aid Emmy’s comfort she has been sent a lovely sleeping bag from the sleepingbags outlet.  We had a choice of which bag Emmy would like and we decided on this:

It is a Gelert Pink Camo kids pod and is priced £29.99

This sleeping bag is wider than normal sleeping bags meaning that whatever position Emmy gets herself into she is comfy, covered and warm.

It features a double side zip meaning the bottom can be opened to allow airflow which is good as Emmy is like me in bed and hates her feet being covered up.  The pink camo design is loved by Emmy and my favourite feature is the integrated storage bag attached (it’s the bottom of the above picture – the part that actually looks like a fish tail), and unlike most sleeping bags I have owned it is SO easy to return into it’s bag.

When this arrived Emmy decided she NEEDED to try it out straight away, so we set it up on the sofa – since then whenever she snuggles on the sofa she asks for her sleeping bag.

Camo sleeping bag, sleeping bag,

Now Emmy is all set for camping in the garden with Daddy – we just need some warmer weather to finally arrive.

You can see a wider range of sleeping bags over on the website –

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