Getting ready for a family wedding

It’s not very often I get to dress up and go out out so when I do of course I love joy of picking out a new outfit to wear.  Of course it isn’t every occasion which warrants new outfits however family occasions such as weddings which are special enough to make me splash out because of course I couldn’t possibly wear the same outfit to more than one family wedding.

Coming up in a few weekends time Paul’s cousin is getting married and being from a big family there will be a lot of us heading there to help them to celebrate the special occasion.

As you may have noticed this week we are at that funny weather time of year where it just can’t decide what it wants to do, one minute I find myself caking the kids and myself in sun-cream and the next we had to dig out the raincoats and welly boots for the school run.

With that in mind it has been a little difficult to decide on what to wear but I finally decided and it has arrived and I have to say I love it all! 

Here is what I decided to wear – I hope it will be wearable in all weather situations and the layers can be removed if it does happen to shine on the day (The luggage is currently sitting in my online shopping basket screaming for me to checkout!)

wedding outfit


Vero moda jacket

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