Getting summer ready – Step2 Sand & Water Activity Centre #Review

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This is our second review as Activity Toys Direct Ambassadors (you can read out kitchen review here), and I have to say this is the one I was most excited about playing with the kids playing with!

When the Step2 Sand & Water Activity Centre arrived in a huge box there was no hiding it from the children so we unpacked it straight away – I know it’s not the weather for outdoor play however I have a MASSIVE kitchen so it’s not a problem at all.

Inside the box I found the table, lid, 4 legs, screws, umbrella, 2 bridges, 2 flower pots, 2 boats and a spade.  Everything you need to get started (except a screwdriver) – no extra packaging which is always a bonus!

Putting it together was relatively simple, however I think I’m really unlucky as once again the screw holes were not present – not a problem as the same had happened with the kitchen so I knew what to do.  Using a hammer and a screw it’s simple enough to pierce the plastic to give you a starting place then use brute strength to screw the screws in place.

I discovered the hard way that you really have to ensure the plugs on the legs are banged into place plugging the holes completely – I realised I hadn’t done this the first time I poured water into the table and it flooded out of the leg holes all over my kitchen floor.  I had to unscrew it all and start again.

Once over this hurdle we’ve encountered no problems and have been playing with it in my kitchen nearly every day since it arrived.

The features to this table are brilliant and include:

  • A sturdy lid which can be tied down to keep it in place
  • The lid itself features an in built road on the top so when the table is not in use you can still play with the table top!
  • A separate sand and water area
  • A road inside the table which can be used for cars or the boats can ride along it
  • Large enough for a few children to play at the same time
  • An easy to access plug for easy emptying
  • The umbrella can be stored inside when not in use
  • A large umbrella for protection from the sun in hotter weather

The Step2 Sand & Water Activity Centre costs £79.99 and comes with free delivery from Activity Toys Direct (free delivery with orders over £50).  The dimensions are H = 53cm, W = 118cm, D = 66cm and it weighs 13.6 kg.

Sand and Water Table

I haven’t been brave enough to put sand in as yet as it is still in my kitchen however we have used it for pasta play, rice play and have filled with mega bloks too and we play with water in this on a daily basis. 

It’s a very sturdy item (yes I have found Harry standing on the lid on a few occasions and while not recommended it has survived unscathed!) and from a parents point of view I can see this lasting many many years to come and becoming a garden favourite – It will be rehomed into my garden when the weather improves but for now they are loving it so much I’m happy for it to remain in the house.

33 thoughts on “Getting summer ready – Step2 Sand & Water Activity Centre #Review

  1. I love the variety of things you've used this for, I usually only put sand and water in our table – I'll be discovering more options in the summer! 🙂

  2. That looks amazing and HUGE! If we had one, it would need to live in the garden but I'm certain the kids would adore it and it would be fab in the summer – lots of opportunity for water play 😀

  3. You have given me such a great idea. We have something like this, and we packed it away as it was no longer summer. I never thought to use in INSIDE and fill it with pasta or blocks. How silly of me. Hubby wont be impressed when I make him dig it back out of the shed…

  4. We used to have a play sand/water table like this when my kids were little – it was so useful for all sorts – looks great!

  5. Wow this looks lovely!! It makes me yearn for Summer as my little one would love to stand outside playing with this.

  6. Oh this looks really good! We have sand pit down on the floor outside but I quite like these raised ones, would be good as you say for pasta and various other messy play too!

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