Getting Wiggy with it!

Me and Emmy love to dress up together, so we’ll take any opportunity to do it for a good cause. I was looking at some new fancy dress costumes and I came across this post about Wig Wednesday on Fancy Dress Ball, a fundraising event taking place this week.

If you’ve never heard of Wig Wednesday, it’s an event which raises money for the children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent, one of the nation’s leading children’s cancer charities. Wig Wednesday was originally founded last year, but this is the first year where the event will raise money.

The event has gained a lot of media attention thanks to celebrities taking part and promoting the day across newspapers and TV. Some notable faces include Ashley Roberts, Joanna Lumley and Michelle Ryan, all of whom have worn a wig to help gain an audience for the event.

According to the Express, Ashley Roberts has had a lot of fun raising awareness for the event. The star spent the day trying on different fun wigs followed by a photo shoot, but it wasn’t all fun and games. Roberts also highlighted the fact that this is a very important cause as thousands of children suffer from cancer every year.

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Getting the kids involved
It’s not just cancer which alters these children’s lives; the life-saving treatment can be incredibly aggressive and will often result in hair loss. The use of wigs can help the kids know they haven’t lost their identity, and that it can even be fun.

I’m planning on spending Wig Wednesday trying on different wigs like these with Emmy and having lots of fun, as well as raising some money for the cause, one I have have heard lots about already as a friend and her daughter raise money for this cause by making jewellery and selling at events.

I’m also taking the opportunity to educate Emmy about cancer, so she can be gently introduced to the subject. It’s important to know about these things from a young age, and to ensure that children are not scared or judgemental!  She has had a lot of experience already although she doesn’t really understand as Nanny had Cancer and is undergoing treatment still, she also lost her hair through the Chemotherapy and Emmy and her had a right old giggle trying on her wigs.

Why not dress up with your kids this week and tweet me and CLIC Sargant (@emmys_mummy & @CLIC_Sargant) some wiggy fun photos – Use the hashtag #WigWednesday

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