Getting Winter Ready for the School Run

It’s already beginning to get colder in the mornings and evenings and we have started to dig out the winter coats, and Emmy has been asking for her gloves and hat too – I just need to remember the safe place I’ve stashed them when I very clearly stored them away in the summer (that of course means I will inevitably be buying news ones again soon).
Both Emmy and Harry like to ride their bikes or scooters to school these days which can make footwear a little tricky when it is getting colder or even raining.  Emmy needs to wear black school shoes and last winter when it was wet and cold I let her wear her Wellies to school and then changed her into her shoes in the playground.
Riding her bike or scooter means that Wellies no longer work as they either slip off her feet when she is riding and tries to put her feet down or when wet they slip off the peddles.  Recently she was sent some Kickers from Sole Trader and they are the perfect solution for our dilemma.
Kickers ankle boots for girls, Kickers, Sole Trader
These sit higher up her ankles than her regular school shoes meaning she doesn’t need to wear her Wellies and then change.  Being black they are perfect for school and ideal for winter.
These are Kick Arro Boots which are ankle length boots with a cute pink lining.  Made from patent Leather with a sturdy rubber sole.
The grip on these shoes is really good and I can imagine will be great in the icy weather which is still to come and hopefully snow.
Kickers, boots, review, sole trader
These are fastened with two Velcro straps which feature an arrow design – Emmy is very happy with this as she can’t yet tie laces and struggles with buckles too.  They are very comfortable to wear and are hard wearing too as Emmy likes to stop her scooter and her bike with her foot yet they are only showing a very small amount of wear.
I have to admit I am rather jealous as I always wanted a pair of Kickers for my school shoes when I was younger and Emmy definitely shares my love as she keeps trying to wear them around the house too.
These are available from and are priced at £49.99. 

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