Ghostbusters toys from PLAYMOBIL

Ghostbusters is a classic movie from my childhood, something which I would love to watch with my family and then happily recreate scenes from one of my favourite movies.

During our family movie nights we have introduced the kids to Ghostbusters and they too love it – it’s rather hard not to enjoy really.

PLAYMOBIL, a top manufacturer within preschool toy have launched their very first entertainment brand license working together with Sony to bring some awesome Ghostbusters toys to life and as a PLAYMOBIL Playologist were have been lucky enough to get our hands on some of these to show you. (Ghostbusters™ & © 2017 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.)

First up is the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man

This set comes with the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man as well as Ray Stantz. The Marshmallow man stands at 19cm tall and has moving arms with rotatable hands which can grip some of the accessories.

Ray comes complete with “Ecto Goggles”, for detecting invisible ghosts as well as a detachable proton pack and proton wand accessory.

This set comes ready made up, with the exception of adding Ray’s accessories and retails at £16.99

We also received Slimer with Hot Dog Stand

This set consists of Slimer in PLAYMOBIL format with rotating arm and wrists. There is also a hot dog stand with bike and accessories, a hot dog seller and a silicone slime blower which sticks to smooth surfaces.

Assembly is required with this set and the pieces are very small indeed so it is best to keep away from smaller children, this set has everything a hot dog vendor needs, sauces, burgers, hotdogs, chips, soda cups and even tongs.

Due to the size of the parts within this set, PLAYMOBIL sell replacement parts including chips, burger buns and drinks cups – the small parts which will easily be lost and are actually already hidden in our house – the kids have placed them somewhere ‘safe’, I’m sure they will turn up in the strangest of places in a week or so.

For this reason it is aimed at ages 6+ but personally I would suggest a little older. This set retails for £12.99

I really love these new Ghostbuster toys and am sure we will be adding to our collection soon.

You can find these and the other Ghostbuster toys on the website here.

Disclaimer: We are PLAYMOBIL Playologists and received these products in exchange for this post


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