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I just love Facebook’s timehop currently, there are so many happy memories which are popping up at the moment and its a great way of remembering what I was up to this time last year, and the year before and of course even further back.

Of course, it’s inevitable that sad memories will pop up from time to time, memories of those no longer with us or friends we no longer see but they are memories all the same and I wouldn’t want them erased.

As the time of my wedding anniversary approaches (9th March) it will mark 10 years of Marriage next year and thanks to time hop I’ve just been reminded of my Hen weekend which we had early (thankfully) and the fun memories are flooding back.

I was surprised by my best friends with a long weekend in Dublin, something I only found out about the morning we left – I knew we were going away, what to pack and that I needed my passport but the actual destination was a secret.

Looking back on these old photos has brought back so many happy memories (I’ll gloss over the fact I was ill for a week after I returned home due to too much alcohol and falling asleep on the random stranger on the flight home – his girlfriend wasn’t too happy).


There were 6 of us that weekend and we stayed about a large pub which played live music.

The girls had our whole weekend planned out from our going out outfits – yes we had T-Shirts printed with my picture on it and the typical willy straws, hen weekend sashes, I had a lovely tiara to wear with an attached veil with condoms attached to it…..and I even had to carry Paul around with me!!


Rather fetching wasn’t he? My blow up Paul even had straps on his back so I could wear him as a backpack – I even remember as the night went on dancing in the street with him and making him gatecrash couples romantic dinners in restaurants.

Dublin was an amazing venue for my hen weekend, and somewhere I hadn’t been before.¬† It is a very popular venue for Hen weekends and we saw at least another 4 parties while we were there. There are some fantastic companies who can organise these for you to make it easier – here are some hen party ideas in Dublin to give you an idea of things you could do.

hen-party3We also did the tourist type things while there too – there’s no point going to a new place if you don’t actually look around it.¬† We took an open top bus tour around the beautiful city and had to of course head to the Guinness factory for a look around.

We found some beautiful little quiet restaurants and had an amazing weekend.

And, of course there were games/dares for me as you would expect – I had a bingo type card with¬†instructions on which I had to complete on our ‘BIG’ night out, things such as:

  • Get a drink off a stranger in each bar/pub
  • Take an astray from the pub
  • Get a condom from a local
  • Get a random man to remove their pants
  • Collect a random sock
  • Get a piggyback from a stranger

There were loads more but nearly 10 years on I can’t remember them. Some of these were harder than others – pubs in Dublin even back then were smoke free for instance, and most of the locals ……Catholic, the others were easy! And yes I did get a random stranger to remove their pants and no I didn’t look nor touch/keep them.

I have so many fond memories of this weekend and I’d love to get the girls back together and repeat our weekend, minus the dressing up and dares etc, afterall we are all Mums now but letting our hair down again is much needed.

Did you have a hen weekend? I’ve love to hear what you got up to.

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