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With two children now in school it is only a matter of time before that dreaded letter is sent home in their school bags, you know the one I mean, the one which makes parents itch and scratch and pray the culprit isn’t their child.
Yes I am talking about the headlice letter!
It is actually very common for children to catch headlice during their school years, just think about it – 30 children all in close proximity, bending over desks working together, sitting next to each other so it probably goes without saying you will be checking your child’s hair frequently if not having to treat these critters at home.
The stigma which once surrounded headlice has now gone, it doesn’t mean your child has dirty hair, it just means they have been in close proximity to someone who has these and they have now crawled onto your child’s hair, like chickenpox in a way it is part of childhood. All types of hair can be infected regardless of the length or condition.
Last week I was invited to an event in London with Harry, here we were introduced to KIT & COCO in a lovely hairdressers, so while Harry got stuck into the cupcakes I was chatting the in’s and out’s of this newly released headlice treatment and prevention treatments.
What I remember so very well about other headlice treatments from having used them in my Nanny jobs is that they smell awful, the chemicals used in them to kill off those pests was rather poignant to say the least and you would need to do in a bathroom with the fans on and a window open.
KIT & COCO were very keen to avoid this from the off and all active ingredients in their treatments are plant based and include coconut oil, rich botanic oil and green tea fragrance.  The treatments work by clogging up the respiratory system of the head lice and nits.  This type of treatment makes it very difficult for them to build up a resistance to the treatment which effectively makes it 100% effective.
Obviously I haven’t had to use the treatment product myself yet but it does smell nice and I would much rather be applying this to the kids hairs if I had to.
The complete treatment comes in a box containing everything you need to treat the headlice.  The kit includes:
  • 4 treatment shampoos
  • Gentle ergonomic nit comb
  • Applicator brush
  • Protective shower cap
  • A surprise treat for the children (I shouldn’t tell you this but they are really cute transfer tattoos – shhhh that didn’t come from me)
Depending on the length of hair will determine on how many this pack will treat: 
  • Short hair = 1 single dose treatment shampoo
  • Mid-length/long hair = 2-3 single dose treatment shampoos
  • For children’s hair you will need only 1/2 a treatment dose unless very long then use 1
Once you have treated the headlice you will need to repeat the procedure again 10 days later so that you catch any lice which may have hatched since the last treatment. 
This complete treatment set costs £15.75
Of course it is advised that if you treat one family member then you should treat the whole family, now if you already have the complete set you won’t want to buy the comb and applicator brush again which is why there is a refill pack available containing 4 treatment shampoos which costs £10.75.
KIT & COCO also have a preventative range which comes in a spray and mousse version which you apply to the hair in the morning and it protects against headlice for up to 24 hours.
The spray version comes with an Alice style headband, you spray the inside of the headband, wait for one minute and then wear.
Emmy has been wearing hers to school and really likes the style of headband, it would be nice however to see this come in a range of colours as coral isn’t really allowed in our school.  This spray and hairband set costs £12.50

The mousse version also protects for up to 24 hours and is perfect for short hair. I’ve been using this in Harry’s hair in the morning and he likes it because “Daddy puts mousse in his hair too”.  This mousse costs £9.50

Thanks to KIT & COCO I am now ready to protect my children’s hair and to treat it should I need to and they have very kindly offered 5 lucky readers the chance to win a protective set for their children’s hair.
I was also treated to a lovely pamper of having my straight hair
curled, I’m with the lovely AK from My Buggy Junction
Giveaway Time

I have been given 5 sets of protective treatments to giveaway to 5 lucky readers, each prize will consist of 1 protective spray and headband and 1 protective mousse.

For your chance to win please enter via the rafflecopter form below, this giveaway will end at midnight on 26th June 2016.  Good luck.

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51 thoughts on “Giveaway: Introducing KIT & COCO

  1. Nits are a nightmare as the school seems to have them constantly 🙁 I am forever treating the kids and really fed up with it. I cut the boys hair very short before treating them and the girls all have really long hair so it takes forever to comb it all through. We have to check the kids constantly and one of the best things you can do is buy a proper nit comb. My metal one cost £10 which I thought was expensive, but unfortunately it's had to be used every few weeks. I think the school needs a nit nurse to keep tabs on everyone to make sure every child gets treated and stop the constant merry go round. The only time my kids stay nit free is the school holidays!!! Another tip is to always check the whole family because if one child gets them, then they are all likely to get them and don't forget to change your child's bedding, blankets and wash any cushions they may have been in contact with.

  2. Regular checks and investing in a good head lice comb oh and patience, I have 3 girls and they constantly keep catching them from school, I wish the school could just set a day when all kids are treated at home as it feels so useless at times when some parents don't bother .x

  3. Be vigilant about checking regularly and treat both hair and bed linen immediately if evidence of infestation found.

  4. Regular checks are essential…after all little monkeys do it all the time 😉 Try to resist the temptation not to keep scratching your own head as soon as the subject is mentioned. x

  5. My top tip is to be vigilant- I'm always checking the kids hair for sign of nits to try and nip them in the bud early

  6. Regular checks, and keeping hair in a tidy style. Would like to try these products, as kids are always at risk :- Socialise so much (nursery, school, appointments,play groups, parties etc,etc).

    Rachel craig

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