Giveaway: Lumie Bodyclock Iris 500 worth £160

Have you remembered that it’s almost time for the clocks to change again?
That’s right they spring forward an hour for daylight saving on Sunday 29th March at 1am.
The mornings will start to become lighter and the evenings will be lighter for longer too.
This is a blessing and a curse for parents – it’s nice to wake up and have a little light however the lighter evenings make getting the kids to bed a tad harder as they don’t believe it’s bed time – mine certainly don’t and I remember being the same as a child – who wants to go to bed when it’s light and you could be playing after-all?
To help ease yourself into this change I am giving away a Lumie Bodyclock Iris 500.  The Lumie Bodyclock Iris 500 combines the benefits of a gradual sunset and sunrise with aromatherapy – I have recently been trying one out and it is AMAZING – you can read my full review here.

This is not only an alarm clock it is so much more – wake up gently with a gentle sunrise combined with your favourite aromatherapy oils and then settle down to sleep in the evening and relax with a gradual sunset.  I’m currently being woken with the smell of Lemon and settling with the aroma of Lavender.

You can set different times for different days of the week, turn off completely on set day – I have mine set of weekdays and off at the weekends.  You can choose which setting suit you.

This has changed my sleeping patterns so much – I can now settle much quicker and awaken fresh and ready for the day.

If you would like to try for yourself why not enter our competition where one lucky reader can will this Lumie Bodyclock Iris 500 which is worth £160.

To enter just fill in the rafflecopter form below, this giveaway will end at midnight on 8th April.  This giveaway is open to UK entrants only.  Full t&c’s are available on the rafflecopter widget.



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348 thoughts on “Giveaway: Lumie Bodyclock Iris 500 worth £160

  1. I have had problems getting to sleep, staying awake, waking up and at a proper time for most my life and it's hell 🙁 Dxx

  2. I often struggle to go to sleep! I'm a bit of a worrier and can lay awake for ages at night before eventually managing to relax myself – don't get me wrong though…I hate getting up, but maybe that's because I'm so tired from trying to sleep!

  3. I sleep like a log once I'm asleep, but sometimes I am stressed by something and can't sleep or I am overtired and can't sleep. Either way I really struggle to wake up in the mornings.

  4. I never used to have a problem getting to sleep, but I have done recently. I've always had a problem waking up – especially in the winter.
    Victoria B

  5. I find it really hard to get to sleep sometimes, but even harder to wake up in the morning – I hit the snooze button so often that an hour goes by and I'm still dozing!

  6. I'm an owl but when I go to bed in the early hours I never have trouble sleeping but I have always had trouble waking. Years ago at college I even managed to sleep through a fire alarm! It was heavy knocks on my door that eventually woke me 🙂

  7. My body clock is pretty good at the moment. I usually fall asleep easily after reading for 10 minutes and wake up at around the same time every morning.

  8. I've always wanted to try one of these to see if they do actually help get you up in the mornings without the usual sluggishness

  9. I struggle with both and have been wondering for a while if the gentle light of a lumie may help.
    Thanks for the useful write up and giveaway.

  10. Do you struggle to get to sleep or to wake up?
    not at the moment – l have in the past and l'm sure l will in the future

  11. In the summer I can jump out of bed at six in the morning and stay up late.Winter,God how I hate it I really could go to bed at seven and still struggle to get up at eight thirty.I have on quite a few occassions been physically sick getting up when it's dark.People laugh and think I'm being lazy but I'm really not,I hate being like this and would love to spring out of bed early.My body thinks that if it's dark you sleep,I think i need to hibernate !

  12. I have ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) so I either sleep too much (18 -20 hours a day) or struggle to sleep – I think one of thee would be good for one of my good 'normal' days hopefully!

  13. I hate getting up, I am one of those people who have to hit the snooze 2 or 3 times before I haul myself out of bed!

  14. I really struggle to stay asleep at night, I have what the doctor called "early waking syndrome" and I am desperate to find something to help!

  15. I struggle to wake up especially when it's cold and the mornings are dark. I work 2 evenings a week and on those 2 nights I really struggle to get to sleep and then it's extra hard to get up because ive had hardly any sleep x

  16. Struggle to switch off.. and struggle to wake up! Takes me forever to get to sleep but once I am.. that's it.. I don't want to get up ever. My longest sleep was an epic 18 hour stretch.

  17. I have difficulty waking up, especially in winter/on dull days. I have an old Lumie clock from years ago which is still helping me on those mornings!

  18. Usually a struggle to wake up, much easier to just go back to sleep. My partner often has trouble getting to sleep, and often has very broken sleep. Or even a couple of days most months with no sleep at all. So would love to try this alarm clock.

  19. LOL…you've no idea, severe executive dysfunction means I can't get myself to go to bed so I can go days without sleep, and in turn when I do go to bed I end-up oversleeping…I've absolutely no sleep pattern.

  20. Nodding off's normally not much of a problem (coz I'm shattered by the time the little one gets off to sleep!) but mornings are a blurry nightmare

  21. Do you struggle to get to sleep or to wake up?
    Yes particularly come May as I'm working on the upcoming elections

  22. I struggle to get up. I find the beeping of the alarm to be enough to put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

  23. I have problems waking up, and I think because it is usually abrupt I then tend to feel tired all day long no matter how much sleep I have.

  24. I'm a bit of an insomniac and haven't had a proper sleeping pattern for years. I struggle to fall asleep no matter how tired I am, maybe this is just what I need to get me back on track.

  25. I actually sleep really well, its just getting to sleep which is my problem, i suffer with bi polar so my mind races when i get to bed, have been prescribed sleeping pills in the past but would prefer a more natural approach to drifting off x

  26. I always have trouble getting to sleep and waking up I snooze for ages. Would love to win this and see if it would help. X

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