Giveaway: Enjoy Maths games and win a Fire Tablet

“This post is in collaboration with Poki”

Psssttttt…..have you realised it is almost Christmas? I know you may not want to think about it but burying your head in the sand won’t help but I can help.

I’ve teamed up with Poki who have kindly donated a Kindle Fire Tablet for me to giveaway to one of my lovely readers and which you will receive in time for Christmas – that could be one present ticked off of your Christmas list, now wouldn’t that be nice?

Firstly though let me tell you about Poki, they offer loads of different online games including educational ones for kids, and as you already know I am a huge fan of helping my children by learning through play.


I wrote this week about how Emmy has been selected for extra Maths help in school and how we have been playing games at home to help her, so when looking at the Poki site I headed straight for the Maths games so Emmy and I could play together.

We started with a game called Sum Tracks


The idea of this game is to use the circles to make the number in the square. You do this by dragging your mouse over the numbers in the circles – they turn green as you do this correctly and it gets harder with each level.

sum-tracks-2As the levels progress there are more and more sums which need completing and the patterns get trickier.

sum-tracks-6There is an undo button so when Emmy got the pattern wrong we were able to restart and start over again.

She liked this game until it got too hard and then we moved to another Maths game.

Next, Emmy choose Binary Bears, this is a number grid where you have to fill the missing squares with numbers,

binary-bears-1There is a timer and you need to complete this grid before the time runs out.


And now all rows and columns must be different.

Emily found this one really tricky to start with however once she got the hang of it she thought it was really fun and wanted to keep playing over and over again.

Poki have lots of different educational games for children from Geography games, typing games, word games, drawing games, logic games, memory games and lots more.

It is certainly worth having a look around and having a play.

Giveaway Time:

The prize I am giving away courtesy of Poki is anΒ 8GB Fire tablet, with 7″ display and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Beautiful 7″ IPS display (171 ppi / 1024 x 600). Available in four colours.

  • Fast 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and rear- and front-facing cameras.
  • Amazon Underground: All-new, one-of-a-kind app store experience where thousands of apps, games and in-app items are actually free — including extra lives, unlocked levels, unlimited add-on packs and more
  • Prime members can stream thousands of Prime Video titles, access over a million book titles, thousands of audiobooks and two million songs
  • Prime members can download thousands of Prime Video movies and TV shows to watch offline anywhere
  • Enjoy more than 38 million songs, movies, TV shows, books, apps and games
  • Free unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content and photos taken with Fire devices. Add a microSD card for up to 200GB of additional storage

fire-tabletTo enter this giveaway please do so via the rafflecopter form below.Β  This giveaway will end at midnight on 4th December 2016 and is open to UK residents only.Β  Good Luck


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356 thoughts on “Giveaway: Enjoy Maths games and win a Fire Tablet

  1. Every year I say I’m going to be super organised and I never am, but this year has been extra chaos as I have just moved house. I’m not even nearly ready for christmas

  2. I have done no wrapping,Have ordered turkey,DONT like decorations up early so will do the tree on about 15th and take down as tradition on 12th no not done.

  3. I tend to buy all year round and then store it in the loft. We ve recently had a new baby so thank fully I was organised before she arrived. Just the meat to buy now.

  4. i’ve started uncharacteristically early – only because sarah knew what she wanted and there was a deal on. Will carry on in a few weeks.

  5. I’m reasonably organised. I tend to do the shopping in dribs and drabs starting 1-2 months before. I’m not averse to a last minute rush after some late inspiration, though! πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m well prepared this year and I’ve done most of it. I’ve learnt from my mistakes from leaving it late other years x

  7. I’ve just stocked up on the wine and cheese, ready for Christmas. Knowing our household, it’ll be gone by the end of next week, so I can see myself buying it all over again!

  8. Shopping for our son is going very well, only 1 more thing to pick up and just got email to say that it is at the shop waiting so we’re winning there!!

    Still need to buy presents for my other half,but I know what she would like so think that everything is gonna work out just fine – famous last words if I’ve ever heard them… :-/

  9. I’ve usually got everything except the food done by now, presents bought, wrapped, cards hand-made, written out and half given out. This year is sooo different, I’ve not been able to go out due to illness, so only half of the presents bought, cards still to be written and sent/given out.
    Note to self – must get my skates on!!!!

  10. I am just about done, have been for a few weeks, the only trouble is that being done early means I have more time to buy stuff. I have a box of unnecessary gifts at the moment. Oops!

  11. With 4 kids under 5, I have to prepare well in advance for Christmas. I normally start once they go back to school in September.
    Thank you for running such a generous giveaway!
    Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  12. unfortunately this year due to a spine condition I am unable to access the shops…. so it’s been good old Amazon and other internet shopping providers….. it’s been tricky as not actually seeing the shopping in bags I hadn’t anticipated how much I have ordered!! just got to wrap it all now !!!!

  13. Really organised until the kids throw a curveball request to Santa which usually happens a few days before Christmas!

  14. Nearly there started in August. Got most it wrapped just a few more bits and bobs and my daughter main present am done . X


  16. I’m almost done and very organised. However, I have learned over the years not to start too early as I just end up buying more!

  17. I haven’t done much shopping yet. Lots of my present ideas are clothes related, so I can’t buy for another week or so, due to most shops still only having a 28 day return period – I need to keep the option open to return things in January if they don’t fit (or if the recipient doesn’t like them!).

  18. I’m pretty much done. Having 2 out of 3 of my kids with Birthdays in December I learned pretty fast how it pays off to start as soon as kids go back to school after summer holidays. A few filler presents and I am done πŸ™‚

  19. its going ok so far but i am going to an xmas fayre this weekend so hopefully will be able to pick up the last few bits from there

  20. Ok. Ive ordered the main bits online so waiting for there arrival. Need to get stocking fillers and bits and bobs though .

  21. I’m fairly organised this year and try not to stress to much about Christmas, luckily I only have to buy for the kids as us adults decided years ago not to give presents to each other anymore except a secret Santa

  22. I tend not to worry too much about it until my daughter’s birthday is over. That’s 1st December, so ages yet. Eek!

  23. I have all of the little presents bought in, I just need to buy two big presents which I am hoping I will get at a discount price tomorrow during the Black Friday sales πŸ™‚

  24. For the first time ever I’m done! Been bargain spotting all year to save money. So now decembers pay can go towards nice days out

  25. Christmas shopping always starts late for us because we’ve got family birthdays in November. Can’t start Christmas shopping properly until those are out of the way.

  26. I am not as sorted as i would like, i am struggling on a budget but I am hoping to be all done soon! I started off well but now … blah!

  27. id like to think im organised as ive got all the wrapping paper and cellotape although i have no presents yet πŸ˜›

  28. We’ve made a start, but the kids haven’t decided what they want yet, so we can’t do any more at the minute!

  29. I’m officially done with all my shopping! I always like to do it ahead of time, too stressful at the last minute x πŸ™‚

  30. I’ve always been that person saying it’s miles off, then Christmas eve arrives lol!! I do do biys gradually though, so never worry xx

  31. Not really last minute as I wait till 1st December. However, there are always those last couple of presents to get on Xmas Eve!!!

  32. my Christmas shopping is almost done just a few last minuet things to buy I start normally about beginning of October as I found if I started to early in the year my son and daughter would change there minds

  33. My Christmas shopping isn’t going very well at present, hoping for some deals come black Friday!
    I’m usually more organised as they get older it gets more difficult.

  34. Nowhere near ready yet! Lots of shopping to do, 4 boys to buy for and I’ve hardly bought anything yet, hoping to be done with plenty of time left πŸ™‚

  35. About half way through! Can’t wait till all done but then got the Xmas dinner to organise for everyone.. Looking forward to it though πŸ™‚

  36. I used to be organised years ago, but have become more a las minute Christmas Shopper. As long as organised for the day etc :- Fine. Think probably reduction in finances may have led to more of a last minute shop.

  37. I’m pretty much on track, I’ve managed to get the kids sorted, but I have no idea what to get for the husband

  38. I used to be very organised when the children were small, starting next years shop in the Post Christmas Sales. Lot more laid back nowadays

  39. Normally I’ve got it all done by now! This year is different because both my daughters have left home and we are having lots of work done in the house. Downstairs is like a bomb site at the moment so I’m not yet in a Christmassy mood.

  40. My partner gets paid weekly so we are trying to get one or two presents each week, its the only way we can afford to do it πŸ™‚

  41. Over-organised I think my friends would say….
    My spreadsheet shows that I’m almost done…just a few more to buy for. Just the wrapping and card writing to go.

  42. I used to be very organised and have most things wrapped by October, but so far this year I have got very little.

  43. Last year, for various reasons, I ended up stressed out in December. So because of that, and the fact that I have to do all my 87 yr old mother-in-law’s shopping, I have had to get organised a lot earlier this year. I have started writing cards and wrapping presents

  44. I’ve nearly finished. I’ve just a couple of bits and bobs to get except for my Dad who is always the hardest person to buy gifts for.

  45. I’m actually surprisingly organised this year, just have a few bits to get on Black Friday and I’m done πŸ™‚

  46. very last minute, but I have got the Christmas cards out ready to write, but no doubt it will be last minute with those as well lol

  47. I only start to get organised a week to ten days out from Christmas. Then its agenda time and try to get the majority of things done and then coast into Christmas itself.

  48. im never organised and always last minute, the kids sometimes miss out of the latest toy but to be honest they arent bothered about it !

  49. I’m about half way through. I leave my daughter until last because she always as a last minute request for Father Christmas.

  50. Not very organized started of well got my daughters finished but haven’t got any gifts yet for my son’s and still have family gifts to get

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