Giveaway: National Share-a-Story Month win a £20 voucher for The Works

We have a huge love of books in our household.  Both Paul and I have shelves full of books we’ve read, there would be a lot more however we had to switch to kindlebooks as we just ran out of bookshelves.

This isn’t something I want to do for my children though as actual books are far better for children.

Both Emmy & Harry have shelves and shelves of story books, picture books, read alone books and books we read together.
Never a day goes by when we don’t read at least a few books together and this will not change.

I love that they both have the same love of reading which as us.

The Works recently got intouch asking if I would like to help them to recreate a classic fairytale with a modern and up to date twist to help celebrate National Share-a-Story Month, which is this month.

They had a few suggestions however I was keen to see what their design team could do with the fairytale we had just been reading,  Hansel and Gretel.   I asked if they could create a healthy version of the sweetie house afterall we do try to ensure our children eat their 5 a day.

I just love the design they came up with #EatClean

If you could recreate a classic bookcover of a traditional fairytale with an updated 2015 theme which would you choose and how would you change it?

The Works currently have a huge selection of books on offer and their latest offer of 4 picture books for just £5 is just far too good to miss (esp as the RRP is nearer £6 each) this is an instore only offer howere online they have a 10 for £10 deal! and so you don’t have to miss out I am giving away a £20 voucher to spend at the Works.

If you would like to win this £20 voucher then please fill in the rafflecopter form below.

This giveaway closes at midnight on 25th June 2015 and is open to UK entrants only.  Good Luck

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172 thoughts on “Giveaway: National Share-a-Story Month win a £20 voucher for The Works

  1. I love Bluebeard although it is quite gruesome. It was my favourite tale as a child which worried my mum a lot!

  2. The Elves & The Shoemaker! Loved it, I can still picture them the same way as I did when my Mum read me the story.

  3. I love Snow White but I'm not sure which fairytale I'd choose to update – maybe Cinderella being a tech wizard who is the only one who can crack a code or something. 🙂

  4. Favourite fairytale? Possibly "The Ugly Duckling" (he grew up to overcome all the negative comments, bullying and rejections, becoming greater than anyone (including himself) imagined he could be!)

    ~ Anthony G

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