Giveaway: Post Mastectomy Bra Review & Sarong Giveaway

I’ve written about Breast Cancer on this blog a number of times, it’s very close to our hearts as a family and is something we are going through together as a family.
It’s a very hard subject to write about BUT it does need more attention and doesn’t need sweeping under the carpet.  My wonderful Mother-in-Law was diagnosed with Breast Cancer after a routine Mammogram and at almost the same time our Auntie was also diagnosed.  2 lives changed dramatically but both women are fighters and will not give up and this will not beat them.
My Mother-in-Law went on to have a Mastectomy and a reconstruction, while our Aunt chose to have just the Mastectomy.  She now lives with fillets as she doesn’t mind referring to them as, it is part of something she has accepted.
I have been in-touch with a company over the past few years called Anita Care, I’ve posted about them before.  I’ve become friendly with the PR for this company and it is comforting to hear of new developments and items which can help women who have been through this tough surgery.
Just because a lady has had a Mastectomy doesn’t mean they want frumpy and boring lingerie sadly this is the case generally as our Aunt has discovered.  We were approached by Anita Care to see if Diane would possibly be interested in reviewing one of their Mastectomy bras and she was more than keen because of the above mentioned problem – the only options available to were boring – infact her exact words were “please darling, it needs a pocket in it – all the ones I’m able to buy are VERY plain and boring so if there is anything fancy could I try that please?”
Style is important to any women, bras need to be very comfortable for everyone and whether a women has no breasts, 1 or has both this is still very important to them.
Diane chose the Safina Bra in White:
As you can see it is a practical style with wide straps and a cut out lace design.  This comes in a range of colours and various sizes too.
Delivery was quick and the feedback I have had is very positive – “The wide straps are very comfy and don’t slip down, the over all fit is very good with no pulling and the in-built pockets keep thing in place nicely”.
This Bra is priced at £36 which is very reasonable.  I obviously won’t be adding any pictures of our Aunt wearing it – hell I’ve reviewed a bra for me and I wouldn’t even include pictures of me wearing it.  She likes it, it is extremely comfortable and it is one less thing for her to worry about – an overall winner in my eyes and I am sure you would agree!
The website has a wide range of Mastectomy bras so please do share their website with anyone you know who would benefit from these bras.
As well as bras they also have swimwear and cover-ups for sale and have generously given us a Sarong cover-up for one of our readers to win.
Giveaway Time
If you would like to win this beautiful Wonderland Sarong please fill in the rafflecopter form below. 
Now I know the summer is over and the chance of sunbathing on a beach has past BUT you could save for next year, wear as a scarf or if you are feeling adventurous why not find some YouTube videos and turn it into a waistcoat, top or even a dress?  (Yes I was doing this over the summer but it will still work as a waistcoat over a long sleeved top – think outside the box!).  This prize is worth £35.
This giveaway will close at midnight on 25th November 2014 – Good Luck

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48 thoughts on “Giveaway: Post Mastectomy Bra Review & Sarong Giveaway

  1. Underwire (and padding!) as sadly I look as though I am a teenager waiting on puberty to kick in lol Hopefully this will change once we are able to conceive. Kirsty

  2. Underwire (and padding!) as sadly I look as though I am a teenager waiting on puberty to kick in lol Hopefully this will change once we are able to conceive. Kirsty

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