Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 MOKURU desk toys

MOKURU is the latest craze from Japan and it is already beginning to take over from everyone’s love of fidget spinners.

We reviewed this a little while ago and the kids and adults in this house still love it and keep having mini competitions to ‘beat’ the person before us – the household record here is 8 flips currently before it stops and crashed to the ground – I set this record and the kids have spent hours trying to beat me.

I’ve actually packed it in our case for next weeks holiday to help keep them quiet in the morning while I hope for a lie in – a parent can dream!

This handheld wooden toy was originally designed to test an individual’s balance and focus – now this simple design is testing the dexterity of fast fingered flippers everywhere. Crafted out of beech wood into an eye catching cool design, players can flip tip and spin one MOKURU or more.

Small enough to fit in a pocket or a purse, MOKURU is the go anywhere toy for all ages, a new game for kids to play in the playground, and for big kids to play in the bar, at a desk, or to be played against others in competition. Players can refine their techniques until they become a MOKURU master. Fidget spinners are so over. MOKURU is the new black or, as the Japanese say, Genbu. Also available in green (Matcha), orange, (Kirin) white (Byakko), red (Suzaku), blue (Seiryu) and yellow (Inazuma)!
Designer Masakazu Node has worked hard to ‘create the perfect size, shape and materials’ for MOKURU. Now the fast flipping toy will be distributed in the UK and Ireland exclusively by Peterkin.

Already a big hit in many markets around the world, including Japan and Hong Kong, beginners can simply tip over the toy, let it flip and catch it with their fingers or flip it to draw a triangle or square. MOKURU masters can use five MOKURU at once with one hand. Claimed to help focus and concentration, imagination and alleviate stress, MOKURU fits into your pocket.
There are fakes out there so take care to make sure it’s a real MOKURU.

You can find out more over on the website or head over to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you would like to win one of 3 of these MOKURU desk toys then please enter via the rafflecopter form below.

This is open to UK entries only and the winner can not chose the colour, these are sent at random. Giveaway closes at midnight on 3rd September 2017. Good Luck

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63 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 MOKURU desk toys

  1. Lots of board games, painting , cooking, etc on rainy days. Loads of good days out in the fresh air, some costing money, some not. Variety and fun the order of the day.

  2. We are very lucky that we aren’t far from the coast, but also live near some lovely country walks and one has a river which the kids like to go to (never too close as they don’t like getting wet with “mucky” water).

  3. The holiday seems to have whizzed by. We have had lots of visits to friends houses, visits to the park and days out 🙂

  4. Its been a LONG summer! My go to on rainy days – Building cubby houses in the loungeroom and then having picnics in them etc. Kids love it.

  5. The end is near – weather wasn’t bad so we had lots of time outside at the park and also we’ve just returned from 2 weeks holiday which was great

  6. It was good and we kept them busy with days out to the park,zoo but at home we watched movies, did art craft stuff and read books.

  7. I let them be bored outside sometimes as they can make their own fun rather than being drip fed all the time. They’ll make dens, dig etc

  8. If the weather is nice a picnic in the park or on the beach otherwise arts and crafts always goes down well

  9. Has gone really quick for us. My son is in a gymnastics boys squad so he has 4 hours on a monday and Friday so breaks it up. When it is sunny have gone to different parks and theme parks, seen family and friends and if rainy watched a film

  10. It has been fab I really don’t want them to go back. we have had a lot of day trips but we always turn to crafts if the boredom kicks in

  11. I was dreading it but it hasn’t been to bad, whenever my five year old daughter has been bored we have played with her Lego, jigsaws or playdoh or out in the garden if it isn’t raining, my son is 12 and has been on his Xbox or out with his friends, so they haven’t bickered to much and my 5 month old daughter is always home anyway xXx

  12. Pretty smooth as we had a great holiday in Tenerife. My children quire relax at home and whenever bored we go out for walks or biking as they love the fresh air

  13. In many cases it’s been a disappointing washout but at least my little fella has his Lego and arts & crafts to keep himself busy 😉

  14. I balance the summer holidays with days out walking or on the local beach with days at home when i get my son to do some baking with me or we have craft afternoons and lazy reading days which are nice.

  15. Not doing too bad have had a few days out and a few making days in, when my daughter gets fed up we wander along our local promenade to get ice cream

  16. The first half has been fine as we’ve had a holiday & they’ve stayed with grandparents etc but now it’s a few weeks of not doing as much so the whining has started!

  17. I’m having to do overtime at work until the end of August, so we’ve not got up to a lot, I hoping for some half-term fun in October!

  18. not had any I’m bored day’s as there is 6 kids plus friends so have had plenty to do, but if I did I would try and find stuff as the age range is 8 – 15 years, so all would want to do different things

  19. Its not been too bad so far.
    Go to:
    If the weather is good (ie. not raining!), we go to the park, or for a walk.
    If the weather is bad, then swimming or a film at home.

  20. The summer holidays are hard, trying to entertain my son every day. My go to entertainment is a trip to the park or a board game.

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