Giveaway: Win a £50 to spend at Cheerz

I hope you are all enjoying the recent giveaways to help celebrate Emmy’s Mummy 7th Birthday.

Never one for sticking at something for too long I never thought this blog which once started as a hobby would still be here 7 years down the line, nor did I ever for a minute believe it would have become my full-time job – one which I absolutely love and is so varied each and every day.

As a way to say Thank You for heading back here time and time again, reading all of my posts and for supporting me I have another giveaway lined up for you.

Giveaway Time

Win a £50 Voucher to spend at Cheerz by clarenich

One lucky Emmy’s Mummy reader can enter below to win  £50 to Spend on Personalised Photo Products at Cheerz.
Cheerz is the go-to site for printing your photos direct from your phone, Insta or Facebook accounts. Just download the App or go online and upload your photos in seconds.
Perfect for keepsakes or as a gift, choose from Polaroid style Retro prints, Photo Books, Photo Canvas, Fridge Magnets, Frames and more.
Don’t let your favourite family, baby, travel and wedding memories hide behind a screen go to and smile.
For your chance to win please fill in the rafflecopter form below. This giveaway will close at midnight on 15th August 2018 and is open to UK entrants only. Good Luck

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137 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win a £50 to spend at Cheerz

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  2. Yes a landscape picture of us on our local beach. Took by an amateur photographer without our knowledge. Such a natural shot. He then emailed it over for us to keep. So random but beautiful and kind.

  3. A big family reunion photo from a recent get together with my sister who both live abroad – would be lovely to have it up on the wall

  4. I have a picture of our pooch after she had rolled in some muddy water and she is absolutely filthy. It was such a fun day and we got a picture of her looking very innocent but absolutely covered in mud. Keep meaning to get it blown up and framed.

  5. Now it’s just my daughter and I in our home I’d like to have some new photos of just the two of us together! Girls against the world!

  6. yes, me and my boyfriend went travelling Asia last year and i keep meaning to get the photos we took printed! There’s one in particular of us that I would love to get on a canvas

  7. I had our second baby 6 months ago and I’m yet to print any pictures (I know!) so this would definitely be top of my list!

  8. I took a photo of the tiger at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park stood at the top of a waterfall. Love that photo and was shocked how well it came out.

  9. Yes, one of my son holding his hands above his head looking like he is holding the sun as it beams through the trees in our local open space. He looks like a superhero!

  10. Yes! Its a picture of our wedding me our two beautiful daughters as our bridesmaids l would love that framed x

  11. Yes – I have several – particularly of the family where we are all smiling, looking at the camera and everybody has their eyes open.

  12. I few years ago hubby & I went to Australia for the holiday of a lifetime. I went diving on the Great Barrier Reef and as I climbed back onto the dive boat, hubby took a photo of me.
    I was grinning from ear to ear, my hair was slicked back and because I was wearing a wetsuit I actually had a figure (for possibly the only time in my life!)
    I love this photo but have never printed it because the sun on the water behind me and the vastness of the ocean means it wouldn’t look right printed as a postcard sized photo.

  13. I am needing to get a new one of all my children, its hard to get them all here with the older children being adults and working

  14. Yes i have a seascape photograph i took, near where i live in Cornwall, that i would love to have up on the wall.

  15. Yes! A photograph of my four grandchildren, the only one we have where they are all looking at the camera, not easy with two babies, a toddler and a six year old

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  18. i really need to get organised and print our first picture of a family of 4! its the day i brought my son home from the hospital and even though im still recovering from the birth and look a state i love that first family pic of the 4 of us!

  19. I’ve got a digital copy of a recent photo of my older son who live far away (in Seattle) that I would like to have printed x

  20. I have a photo of me and my daughter in New York, which was taken last year. It was our first time there and a great experience for us both and I have always meant to get it printed.

  21. I have a picture of the kids walking down a hill on holiday from behind, and I love it! It really should be printed out and displayed.

  22. I have a lovely pic of me my bro and my dad when we were kids! Want to restore it, it’s getting faded, but I’m sure there’s a way! xx

  23. Yes I have a lovely picture of me and my children at Durdle Door that would look lovely as a canvas

  24. I have a couple of photos I’ve been meaning to print off and display! Some of our pets and a photo of my partner and I.

  25. yes i have one that i took of my son on the trampoline i love it so been thinking of getting it onto a canvas

  26. I would love to display a family photo of the four of us as I do not have that many with us all in the picture x

  27. I have a picture of the children all dressed up for their uncles wedding that I need to get on the wall

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