Giveaway: Win a Milton Starter Sterilising Kit worth £55

Milton competition

When Emmy was a newborn the one thing I did religiously was sterilising, her bottles were washed  out thoroughly in boiling water , her dummies were sterilised, the work surfaces and her high chair.

I wasn’t one of those Mum’s who wouldn’t let her crawl on the floor or who sprayed all toys before they were played with – after all, I was brought up in the age where playing in the dirt was the done thing and I would regularly eat spiders – I would hope this was just to scare my parents but I honestly have no recollection of it at all.

Both my children are outdoors children, they love being outside and have done from a young age, I dust down dropped food and they spend hours digging in the mud. They are happy and healthy but of course they are older now.

Babies and young children who have a lower/non-existent immune system rely on their parents/carers to keep their environments safe and clean, this means sterilising their bottles etc.

Milton competition:

Milton sterilising bundle competition

To help get you started Milton have very kindly donated a sterilising starter kit worth £55 as a prize for one of you lovely readers.

This prize contains:

  • A Milton Combi Steriliser
  • A Milton Solo Travel Steriliser
  • Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes
  • Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray
  • Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel
  • Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser
  • Sterilising Tablets x 28
  • Mini Sterilising Tablets

For your chance to win this prize, please enter via the Rafflecopter form below.
This giveaway is open to UK residents only and will close at Midnight on 16th October 2016 – Good Luck

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73 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win a Milton Starter Sterilising Kit worth £55

  1. had a lovely day and bostin sunday dinner would love this for my best mate who is due in december with a little girl <3 xx

  2. I woke up tired and grumpy after falling asleep on the sofa but have got a few chores out of the way today which has cheered me up loads. We even had an hour or two of sunshine. Lovely!

  3. Today my day has been pretty uneventful. I did the big weekly food shop, came home and put the shopping away, then did a load of washing, helped our daughter with her homework and I have now my feet up as my bump is making my back ache. My husband has promised me a foot massage tonight whilst he watches the NFL and I loose myself in a good book!

  4. Today is my pjama day! Ive also made some leek and potato soup and scrubbed the bathroom! Hope your day is going well x

  5. Have had a nice lie in this morning as my son didn’t wake up until 8am which is rare. Trying out my son’s zombie halloween outfit with face paints later 🙂

  6. I have had a rubbish day, got up late, was making my chutney this afternoon, and I burnt it, it had to go in the bin after 3 hours of work. so I am a bit annoyed will try again tomorrow, hopefully it will go better.

  7. Up early, quick shower, sort the kids out with breakfast, feed the youngest then rush to do the school run, get back and grab a quick cuppa before little legs wakes up

  8. Up early with my two toddlers relaxing with a tea and feeling baby number 3 waking up with a wriggle in my tummy! Forgot how amazing this feeling is xx

  9. It started early thanks to the boy! We are going to make the most of it not raining and go to Belton Woods for the morning.

  10. I am 6 days overdue with my first baby, I woke up with cabin fever so decided to get myself out, popped into work to say hello, went to free bingo and then went to the library. Still no baby but at least I haven’t been cooped up all day.

  11. We’ve had a chilled out day with the kids today (the two who are not at school) ready for my sons 3rd birthday tomorrow so it will be much busier tomorrow

  12. We’ve had a mad dash to the drs as little Miss has conjunctivitis ? glad they could fit us in..usually they’re full!!

  13. Spent the afternoon getting lost after following diversion signs that weren’t well set up, so what should have been a round trip of three hours took more like 4 and a half hours. About time I invested in a satnav!

  14. I’m just having 5 mins to myself before the mad rush of getting kids to school and then coming home to tidy the house xx

  15. We’ve had a quiet one – I had a lie-in whilst my husband “watched” the kids, then we went to the park for half an hour, then for a food shop at Tesco, and then home to play in the garden etc

  16. Hello I am having a good day today, its not too hot or too cold, its a little wet with sunshine so I have just seen a beautiful rainbow.

  17. Been having a quiet relaxing day just hanging out watching coffee, playing with my animals and wAtching TV……..its a hard life sometimes! ??? Dxx

  18. Not done much today. Been in pain all week. I’m pain free today but very drained from it all. So decided to take it easy and get stuck into jobs tomorrow. I did manage to go for a walk with the hubby tonight. But my daughter has been texting me all day with baby names. She found out this week that she is expecting her first baby

  19. I’ve walked miles with my dogs and I’ve discovered a great show on Netflix called Offspring so I watched 3 episodes back to back 🙂

  20. We had a busy day, food shopping and a quick visit to Costa this morning. Then this afternoon did lots of housework. Tonite has been very relaxed watching Strictly and having family time.

  21. I spent the day in the garden, tidying it up, ready for autumn. We drained our small pool, dried that in the lovely sun and now it’s all packed away ready for next year.

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