Giveaway: Win a Bloccs waterproof cast protector and £10 Amazon voucher

Bloccs waterproof cast protector

You know what it’s like. You’ve been really looking forward to that break in the sunshine when you can put your feet up with a good book whilst the kids have fun in the pool. Okay, it might not be quite that simple but water is a great way of keeping the children entertained on that all important holiday. Then one of them goes and breaks an arm or leg.

Disaster! Or is it?

While I am thankful that neither of mine have done this yet – I say yet as I know it will happen sooner or later with my hooligans and I have seen it happen to friends as soon as the summer holidays started.

I have seen friends posting pictures of their children looking sad that they couldn’t go into the pool on holiday to having a cast on and even pictures or posts asking advice on how to bathe or shower their children without getting the casts wet – it seems horribly hard both on the children and of course their parents too.

This is why I would love to introduce you to Bloccs.

Bloccs waterproof cast and dressing protectors really can – and have – saved the day. Fully watertight and re-usable, they can be used for showering, swimming and bathing – meaning a broken limb, wound dressing or even a PICC line needn’t stop anyone splashing around. Created using award-winning technology and long years of specialist manufacturing expertise, Bloccs are being hailed by parents globally as holiday-saving must-haves.

So don’t despair. If an injury or wound is threatening your holiday peace of mind, or you just believe in being prepared for mishaps, head over to the website to find out more.

For further information please check out their website and you can also follow on social media too: FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

I’ve teamed up with Bloccs to bring you a giveaway where one reader can win a Bloccs waterproof cast protector as well as £10 Amazon voucher – perhaps you’d like to purchase a board game to help occupy the evenings while the patient is recovering or perhaps Mum or Dad need a treat to cope with the trauma – it’s entirely up to you.

To enter, please fill out the rafflecopter form below. This giveaway will close at midnight on 15th August 2017 and is open to UK entrants only – Good Luck.

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56 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win a Bloccs waterproof cast protector and £10 Amazon voucher

  1. My daughter broke her arm on the first day of the Easter holidays last year. Disaster. We invested in one of these cast covers and I have to say it was the best thing we ever did. At the time we had a holiday home which we spent every school holiday and most weekends at. Not being able to go swimming would have been awful but this meant that the six weeks she was in plaster she could still enjoy everything. If any other bone gets broken we would definitely purchase this product again.

  2. I broke my collar bone on holiday on a banana boat when they tipped us over and the person in front of me kicked out and then I couldn’t move my arm

  3. I actually don’t know if I have or not; I had a pressure injury on my foot that made the whole area swell and left it with a permanent mark. I do wonder what went on internally, but it would be weird to try and get it x-rayed now, so many years later!

  4. Yes. I excelled myself one year – I was 11, we’d gone on a much anticipated holiday to the Peak District to stay on a trekking centre and I was meant to be riding every day. We arrived, I ended up going on an impromptu ride that evening – thankfully, because the following morning I slipped on a wet floor and broke my arm!

    Cue first day of holiday spent in two hospitals and no riding for me for the whole holiday 🙁 (and then to add insult to injury we’d gone away as soon as the schools broke up – so I spent the entire holiday with one arm only for it to be healed just in time to go back to school!)

  5. no, which is lucky as been in two serious car accidents and had brain injury and slipped disc! no broken bones tho!!

  6. I haven’t broke any bones yet…touch wood – oh no where’s some wood when you need it? ….back in a bit 😉

  7. I’ve been in plaster a few times with a fractured knee-cap, broken ankle (I was in plaster for 4 months after that because they had to pin it all back together!) broken foot and I’ve also had numerous broken toes and a broken finger. Not that I’m clumsy at all!

  8. Luckily I have never broken any bones, so far. I hope I never do. Probably as I know people who have, and I know that even if the bone heals well, they may well have discomfort in the future due to arthritis. I would rather stay as healthy as I can, as hopefully that will give me some quality of life.

    Sometimes it can be particular activities, sports etc which lead to risks of accidents :- broken bones, etc. Hopefully the future will bring safer practices, safer options, etc.

  9. I would add to your blog that these are brilliant for adults as well my husband shattered his ankle 5 years ago, bathing was fun until he discovered these, now showering or bathing is a piece of cake, unfortunately hospitals dont seem to give out advice on these, which I think should be displayed outside all plaster rooms

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