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Brolly Sheets

As a parent one of the things I hate the most is changing a bed in the middle of the night, whether that is because one of the kids has spilt a drink, had an accident or been sick.

Nothing wakes you up more than having to turn on the lights, remove the bedding, rummage around for new ones, change your child and then you are left with the dilemma of do I wash this all now or bung it into the bathtub and deal with at a sensible hour. Putting into the bathtub always won for me, hands down, there was no way I was about to wake myself up even more by going downstairs, finding the washing liquid and getting into the machine – a few hours more never made that much difference and I would have a child to deal with which is always my main priority over washing. Getting them comfortable and back into bed is quicker if I’m not having to leave them to turn on (or even empty the washing machine).

When the children were potty trained in the day, night time was the next step – Emmy did these both at the same time refusing to wear a nappy at time from the age of 2, whereas Harry was a little older and wore his Huggies Pyjama Pants until he was 4. Even when they were dry in the morning I was reluctant to stop using them just in case of an accident.

This where Brolly Sheets would have been useful for us. Brolly Sheets are a waterproof mattress protector which sits on top of a fitted sheets and tucks under the mattress using wings to hold it in place.  Your child sleeps on top of the sheet, and should they have a night time accident, or their nappy leak you no longer have to remove all the bedding in the middle of the night but just pull off the sheet and you’ve a dry bed instantly without the faffing in the dark.

Brolly Sheets come in a range of fantastic colours (plus white) to match your child’s décor and bedding and are available from Single bed size all the way up to king sized. They are easy to wash and can also be tumble tried.

They feature a 100% cotton top layer, an absorbent middle layer and a soft, breathable, waterproof PUL backing. Due to the make up of these sheets they don’t rustle or crackle when your child moves around in the night as can tend to happen with some of the waterproof sheets on the market.

Giveaway Time


Brolly Sheets have kindly offered my readers the chance to win 2 of these sheets in a single bed size, RRP £24.95 each in your choice of colour from Lime, White, Blue or Pink. This giveaway will have 2 winners, each receiving one sheet in the colour of their choice.

For your chance to win please enter via the rafflecopter form below. This giveaway closes at midnight on the 8th October 2017. Good Luck

For further information please visit their website, or follow on Facebook or Twitter.

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73 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win Brolly Sheets – Quality Waterproof Bed Linen

  1. Pink would be amazing, thank you. What a great idea these are!!! We have potty trained but at least once a week we get a wet bed so these would be ideal. Thank you

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